Facebook Account Suspended? Tackle This Problem in a Few Simple Steps!


In today’s digital life, social media has become a part of our lives and no doubt that Facebook is the pioneer.

Facebook has connected millions of people throughout the world.

From connecting people to the Facebook marketplace.

Facebook has evolved much.

It has become more than a tool for leisure and shutting off of the account astonishingly could create a matter of panic for certain users.

In most cases, you can appeal against your Facebook account being suspended.

Don’t mislead yourself from not being able to log in to a suspended Facebook account.

Facebook will notify you when you log in that your account has been disabled due to this or that policy violation.

Let’s look at Some Possible Reasons that Cause Facebook account suspension.

  • Giving fake information
  • Consuming restricted services.
  • Sharing restricted or forbidden content.

How do you Appeal Against your Suspension?

Facebook only provides the option of appeal against suspension in minor terms or your account suspended for no irrationally.

Although if the system has found severe violation then we are my friend your account can not be brought back.

These are some steps to appeal against your suspension through the Facebook platform.

  • Move to your account
  • Under the suspension notification, you will find a link titled go to help center, click it to proceed.
  • Touch the second section titled login and password
  • In the menu on the left side, select the fix a problem option.
  • Then, click on the first option in the login help called can’t help into Facebook
  • Scroll down to learn that your account is disable.
  • The next step is to select the link naming use this form to request a review
  • Then it will ask for your name, email address and Id scans, and provide them.
  • The last and most important step is to wait for feedback from the Facebook support center.

Let’s look at how you can recover a suspended Facebook account.

  • Use your actual name.
  • Give precise details about yourself
  • Try to use only one account.
  • Most importantly never share your password with anyone else or transport the account to the other person.

There are also specific groups that aren’t permit to use Facebook’s services for instance.

  • Children under the age of 13
  • Sentenced sex offenders
  • Users who already had one account were ban for violating Facebook’s terms and policies.
  • The entity that has been restrict by law to use.

Facebook mentions what kind of content should be share on its platform and they’re:-

  • Violating company policies
  • Breach of a person right aka copyright
  • Virus or malicious code that can harm or mutilate functions
  • Partial or misleading
  • Deceitful and illegal 


 Facebook not just randomly without any reason suspends any account.

Facebook’s algorithm detects if there is any violation of its policies or terms and if it finds any kind of flaw it terminates your account.

However, it provides you with an option to appeal to review your account from which you can appeal against suspension of your Facebook account.

We have elaborated in simple words about how you can prevent your Facebook account suspension and possible reasons that can cause suspension of your Facebook account and also how you appeal against the suspension.

Also visit here:- https://www.techpeak.co/how-to-recover-when-your-facebook-account-is-hacked/


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