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Everything You Want To Know About Hiring A VA

by alexjone

An entrepreneur does not have the time to handle administrative tasks. Moreover, hiring a permanent assistant takes a toll on your time and money. That is where virtual assistants play a crucial role.

What is a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants are independent remote employees bound by a contract for administrative, technical or creative support. Virtual assistants work over the internet from the comfort of their homes or private offices. They have reduced the pressure entrepreneurs faced while hiring in house employees. Entrepreneurs can deliver more time towards their business goals instead of fretting over other minor but crucial tasks.

Benefits of hiring a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant works remotely. All they need is a computer, good network connection, printer and software to track time, manage viruses, communicate, MS Office and more. The entrepreneur does not need to invest in these hardware or software prerequisites. A VA will have all the setup required to perform specific tasks.

Reduced labour costs

Entrepreneurs hire Virtual assistants for a contract period. An entrepreneur does not need to worry about hiring, paying, providing privileges and managing administrative details about these employees. Hence, a click here for virtual assistant who will help you save your money invested in expanding your in-house team.

More productivity

With a virtual assistant by your side, you are free to devote your time for crucial tasks. The virtual assistant can handle emails, send invites, respond to queries and more. This administrative support will indirectly garner more productivity for your business.

Higher flexibility

Most virtual assistants work at flexible times. You do not need to function as per the 9 to 6 shift. You can develop your schedule that will maximize productivity for both the VA and the company. You can end the contract in case of any dissatisfaction in the work quality.

Work quality increases.

Today, the VA talent pipeline has varying skill sets. You can eliminate the time spent in onboarding and training new employees. A VA hiring takes place for a specific skill set and relieved after the work is complete. They know their job well and will help you achieve the utmost excellence.

Avoid scaling related risk.

With every business, change is inevitable. With constant change comes uncertainties. In such situations, scaling your business and expanding teams can be risky. A virtual assistant will help you avoid the monetary risks during scaling. You can sign or terminate a contract as per your convenience.

Tasks delegated to a virtual assistant.

There are diverse contributions that a VA can make to a business. Right from a virtual administrative assistant to a research assistant, a VA can perform many roles. Employers can hire VA for simple and complex services.

Administrative tasks

A virtual administrative assistant will help you with the following tasks-

  1. Manage emails from customers, leads or employees.
  2. Employee leave and payroll management.
  3. Handle contacts by regularly updating shared contact books.
  4. Receiving and sending business invoices
  5. Booking tickets and managing travel itineraries.
  6. Scheduling tasks, managing the shared calendar and setting up meetings.
  7. Track project deadlines, progress and logging in timesheets.
  8. Expense management by updating invoices and service charges regularly.


VA can help you in proofreading documents, presentations and also, check for grammatical errors. They can help you collate information for upcoming presentations.

IT and design

A VA is a reliable option for IT and design related tasks instead of freelancers. You can control time constraints better with virtual assistants. They can help you design logos, spreadsheets and social media profile posts. They can also take care of updating the websites with relevant information and layout changes.


Virtual assistants can help you set up social media campaigns, marketing research, competitor campaign study, building email channels for marketing, managing SEO, designing catalogues and brochures and managing user comments. You can hire a virtual assistant to approach leads and exhibit your service or product benefits efficiently.

Guidelines to hire an efficient virtual assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant is very beneficial. However, make wise choices to reap the most benefits. Here are a few guidelines you need to follow while hiring virtual assistants.

Screen VA for security-related red flags

You need to look out for any security infringement issues in the past. Your valuable data and client details will be in their hands. Make sure that you sign a privacy and security guideline document before hiring them.

Hire resourceful professionals only.

They need to be resourceful. Make sure that the virtual assistant knows his skills. Take your time and screen them to verify their qualification and experience in the field.

Time Management

Time management is crucial. Right from the beginning, make sure that they take timelines seriously. Hiring a VA will be futile if they do not deliver tasks on time.

Communication Transparency.

A VA should involve you in all crucial decisions. They need to be transparent about their approach to specific tasks.

Learn about their interests.

Learn about their past experiences, goals, vision and values. While hiring a VA, compatibility is a significant factor. Assess the employee to estimate how they can be beneficial for your future business growth. Hire agile employees who can pick up tasks quickly. There must be a level of alignment between their future goals and your plans for the company.

Conduct assessments and tests

Make sure that you conduct different tests to verify their skill sets. You can hire a third party team to help you conduct relevant screening and assessments for a specific skill set.

Hiring a virtual assistant will deliver a plethora of benefits. However, make sure that you safeguard your data and delegate tasks to efficient candidates only. Hiring an unethical candidate can harm your business vision and future goals.

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