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Everything You Need To Know About Motorcycle Tyres For A Smooth Motorcycle Drive

by charlieblake
Motorcycle tyre

Knowing how to drive a vehicle is just not enough. There are a lot of other things which should be in the knowledge of a driver. Like one should know how to change a Motorcycle Tyre, get the engine oil and oil filters replaced frequently, and know when there is something wrong with the brake pads and a lot of other similar things. These are some of the necessary things which need to be maintained for keeping the motorcycle smooth and having a great driving experience.

If we specifically talk about motorcycle tyres then I am going to tell some of the things on which we need to keep a check and balance.

Never use motorcycle tyres from two different companies at the same time:

Sometimes it happens that our tyre get punctured or damaged to such an extent that it might need replacing. In this case, what we usually do is that they we only get the damaged tyre replaced. That is fine and it makes perfect sense but the thing which should be kept in mind is that you should replace the tyre and get the new one from the same company where the other 3 tyres are from.

Mix matched tyres can greatly affect the steering, acceleration, and overall handling of the motorcycle. In addition to that, mismatched tyres put additional stress on the car’s suspension and the braking system.

The tyres should be balanced at all times:

Ever wondered that why does a vehicle suddenly lose control when even its one tyre gets punctured? This is because the balance between the tyres is lost and the vehicle is unable to withstand the weight of an individual. Many accidents happen because there is usually a loss of balance between the tyres. In order to keep the driver safe, you should keep the vehicle fully balanced at all times.

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Size of the tyres should be in accordance with the motorcycle:

When choosing the size of the motorcycle keep in mind that the tyres should be exactly in accordance with the motorcycle. Because all the weight of the individual is going to fall on the motorcycle hence if the tyres are very small in comparison to the body of the bike then the chances are that the bike may not be balanced and might swing to one side. For a better balance of grip, handling and wearing, a bigger bike requires bigger powerful tyres and similarly smaller bikes require smaller tyres.

Alignment of the wheels of the motorbike:

The alignment between the front and the back wheels of the motorbike is extremely necessary. You are going to drive your motorcycle on rough terrains and if the wheels are not properly aligned then there is a chance of asymmetrical wearing of the tyres. Unaligned tyres cause you to put extra pressure on the vehicles than it is really needed.

Changing of the motorcycle tyre size:

It is not really recommended that you change the size of your motorcycle. Mostly because of the reasons mentioned above. If you change the tyre size then there are chances that the motorcycle grip and the handling you will experience will not be very smooth. You can replace your motorcycle tyres but they should be of the same size as your original ones.

The frequency with which you should get the tyres replaced:

This is another thing which you should keep in mind is that how many times and how much frequently you should get the tyres replaced. Generally, it is recommended that you get the tyres changed after every 5 years. If you do not use your motorcycle on regular basis then the tyres can last for about 10 years but no longer than that. The condition of the tyres will determine how smooth of a drive you can get out of your vehicle.

Fat tyres or Wide tyres:

Usually, wide tyres are preferred over flat tyres because they are narrow and absorb a large number of bumps that are present on the road. Other than that, wider tyres are the best to be used on rainy roads because they can efficiently tackle rain or any other obstacle that might come in their way. Fat tyres are also good to be used on diverse trains such as the snow and the sand. They provide extra grip in comparison to the regular ones.

These are just some of the basic things which you should know about motorcycle tyre changing in Southend for having a trouble-free driving experience.

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