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ETA License Essentials: Requirements to obtain Equipment type Approval

by GreatDeerYouth

To import and promote wireless equipment in India, what you require is the ETA license. Also known by its operative name, the Equipment Type Approval, it’s a license issued by the Wireless Planning Commission wing.  The commission tests the product based on its operative frequency. If the product works within the de-licensed frequency bands, it issues it the approval on a mandatory basis.

The application procedure to obtain the ETA license

The WPC ETA license procedure follows  the following steps:

  1. First, you – the applicant – has to find an NABL accredited lab. Get your equipment tested. And, get the test report.
  2. Then, you file the online application to get the WPC approval. However, before you do so, make sure to cross check the operating frequency of your wireless product with the Licensed frequencies List. If there is a match, you don’t need ETA certificate. Remember, license is required only if your product works within de-licensed frequency bands.
  3. If you find out the latter, file the application for WPC license online.
  4. The Wireless planning commission shall test the equipment on their end along with your application and documents.
  5. if there are any discrepancies with any of the above, you’ll be notified to fix the issues
  6. If you fix those issues within the date specified in the notification, you’ll obtain the WPC certificate.

As you might’ve noticed, there are a lot of IFs when it comes to successfully getting the WPC ETA certificate. Why is that the case?

  1. It’s because you first have to sort out the applicant before application can be filed.
  2. It’s because you need to follow the procedure with a stringent mindset. if anything goes wrong, you’ll lose the application.

Sorting out the applicant for WPC Certificate

There are three elements involved with any international importing business:

  1. The Original manufacturer of the product
  2. The Indian Importer of the same product
  3. The Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) who takes care of the legal requirements to facilitate the import.

Most often, people tend to overlook the third element. The authorized Indian representative is not just a token title, he is a professional. A professional who understands the technical and legal intricacies of the process. Therefore, you need to hire the right professional to act as your AIR before even taking one step towards certification.

Preventing mishaps during the application process

The application form of ETA certificate for import is quite convoluted. The details often don’t mean what they traditionally should. The documents required can change at any moment. And the conditions can often vary depending upon the equipment. Therefore, care must be taken by you, and your representative as you put together the required documents. Following are those documents:

  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. Letter authorizing the AIR (Without it, the application won’t be accepted)
  3. RF Test report of the product
  4. Manufacturer license of the product procured from its country of origin.
  5. A cover letter
  6. Technical specification of the wireless product.


ETA certificate becomes a requirement for you if your business is to import and promote wireless products in India. Not only you have to get the product tested beforehand, you also need the approval of the wireless planning commission. Ignoring any step would lead to cancellation of the importing license. To prevent such instances from happening, consult with the right AIR.

Let us give you one choice for such an AIR, it’s Registrationwala. Whether it’s application filing, document drafting or assistance with finding the lab, our experts of Registrationwala are always ready to assist.


This blog covers the ETA license essentials that you should know about before applying for WPC Certificate, the permission to import wireless product in India.

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