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EPR registration certificate: It’s Significance and How to get it

by GreatDeerYouth
EPR Certificate

EPR registration certificate is one of those documents that as per the government, is mandatory for electronic product manufacturers. Despite that, the government has failed to spread awareness about it. Also known as the EPR license, it’s a permit that makes the electronic manufacturer promise that he will:

  1. Minimize the amount of electronic waste at his factory
  2. Ensure that the products sold are recycled once they become obsolete. and
  3. And, spread awareness of electronic waste management among its consumers. 

What is the significance of EPR certificate?

A lots of hope is attached to EPR certificate, meaning when you apply for it, you must be ready to extended producer responsibility to recycle or dispose of the electronic waste products. 

What am i talking about? Let’s take you back to the past to give you a clearer understanding. 

It was the year 1990 and it was basically the sign that the 20th century is about to end. Industrial revolution and technological advancements pushed humanity farther than ever. However, there was a cost, and it was the environment. 

For every micro-processor developed, there was a micro-processor that grew old and stopped working. For every such product that stopped working, there was a landfill it was put in. In simple terms, there was no way to recycle or dispose of these products in a manner that doesn’t impact the environment. 

Thus, in Sweden, the government came together and created the concept of Extended producer Responsibility. As per it, every producer of electronic products has to file to way to recycle or dispose them when they become useless (turn into electronic waste). As per the regulations:

  1. The manufacturer has to take the electronic products from the customers once those products become useless. 
  2. The manufacturer has to either setup a recycler at his premises or get into an agreement with one. 
  3. The manufacturer has to find a way to dispose of the plastic present in electronics in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. 

Plastic is one of the reasons EPR regulations got introduced in India in 2012. With people burning plastic and polluting the environment, it’s said that places like Delhi were living in a critical situation when EPR registration online was introduced in India.

Now that you know about the significance of the license, let’s now discuss the products. 

The process of acquiring the EPR license in India?

Follow these steps below to get the EPR certificate from Central Pollution Control Board:

  1. Gather the required documents for EPR License. Following is the list of those documents. If you want context behind them, research an EPR certificate format:
    1. Registration certification of the applicant’s business entity.
    2. Your contact details
    3. PAN card details
    4. Aadhar card of the authorized signatory
    5. Details of the product
    6. BIS license copy
    7. RoHS compliance copy
    8. Recycler details
    9. Estimated budget on your EPR duties
    10. Estimation E waste per day
    11. Awareness programs details
    12. EPR plan 
    13. Agreement that you’ve entered in with Recyclers
    14. Website content about E waste management. 
  2. Fill the online application form.
  3. Submit the offline documents. 
  4. Let CPSB analyze your request. 
  5. Acquire EPR license if everything is in order.  

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EPR certificate is significant move by the government to take significant stride in the direction of environment’s growth and betterment. To know more about how to obtain EPR certificate online, reach out to our experts. 

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