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DrChrono EMR software – What you need to know?

by Bella Jim
drchrono ehr software

One of the most highly appreciated aspects of electronic medical records software is its high usability. These technology-driven applications are designed to automate your daily practice tasks and provide visibility into efficiency. You can also use these Health IT products to stay on top of patient needs. One such solution that can really set your practice up for success is DrChrono EMR. This top-tier medical software solution comes with advanced tools that help medical providers improve workflow efficiency and deliver the best possible quality of care. In this piece, we will go about the features that make DrChrono one of the best in its industry.  

DrChrono EMR software & Its Easy-to-use features  

DrChrono software is among the leading medical software solutions available on the market today. It has been making continuous efforts to improve healthcare outcomes since its founding in 2009. It comes with a comprehensive suite of solutions, which are designed to simplify day-to-day work processes, increase revenue, and boost patient engagement. The software offers easy-to-use functions at an affordable cost to serve small practices and new clinics.  

This medical software system has flexible pricing options and excellent usability. It is a feature-packed solution with perfect-starred user reviews.  

DrChrono EMR demo & pricing 

This electronic health recording platform offers four different pricing packages for its users. These differ in the number and type of features offered.  

  • The Prometheus package comes at $200 per month. 
  • The pricing for the Hippocrates bundle is set at $260 per month.     
  • Apollo and Apollo Plus packages are available to users at $300 per month.  

If you want to evaluate the software’s features before purchasing them, you can contact the vendor and avail the option of the free DrChrono software demo for a month. This way you can assess more accurately if DrChrono EMR software is the right choice for your practice requirements.  

Top features mentioned in DrChrono reviews 

DrChrono is a cloud-based electronic medical records software that comes with a robust suite of features. Listed below are the ones that have received multiple positive mentions from its users: 

  1. Patient portal 

DrChrono reviews vouch for the fact that its patient portal feature supports seamless integration with other aspects of the software. You can use this feature to interact securely with your patients and encourage them to participate more actively throughout their care process. On top of this, it allows patients to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, access lab results, view medication information, and get follow-up notifications. They can also use the integrated billing feature with the patient portal to pay bills online. The automated reminders additionally help users in reducing no-shows. The software boosts clinical and workflow efficiency of practice, as users in DrChrono reviews confirm. 

  1. Custom templates 

The software’s configurable templates feature is one of its most popular features. These custom forms help healthcare providers in collecting, organizing, and presenting clinical data, streamlining the documentation process. When used appropriately, they can also enable physicians to spend less time on documentation and more on patient care. This not only saves time but also improves workflow efficiency. You can book a DrChrono software demo to learn more about this feature.  

  1. Electronic Prescriptions 

Electronic prescribing is a powerful tool for keeping track of a patient’s medications. You can easily write prescriptions and transfer them electronically to a pharmacy using DrChrono’s e-prescription capabilities. Patients can pick up their medications from their preferred pharmacy as their medication information is transmitted automatically. The feature helps in preventing medication errors by notifying providers in case of any drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interactions. It helps users in the easy prescribing of controlled substances, the quick retrieval of patient medication history, and the monitoring of controlled substance prescriptions.  

  1. Clinical documentation 

Another aspect of this software that is highly praised by users is how it streamlines the documentation process. The time clinicians spend on managing documents could be spent on improving healthcare outcomes for patients. There’s a robust content engine that further facilitates providers in improving the clinical documentation process. Alongside this, the software includes several dropdown menus, enabling clinicians to fill out a patient’s chart easily. DrChrono’s powerful note-taking capabilities can streamline your practice’s processes like no other. It can allow you to perform the documentation tasks more effectively. 

  1. Revenue cycle management 

DrChrono features hundreds of useful billing tools to help you retain financial stability while improving the quality of care delivered to patients. There’s an entire team of skillful billing experts, competent medical coders, and on-premise coding regulatory assessors to manage your claims submission process. Its medical billing solution is known for its capabilities to maximize revenue and minimize back-office tasks. It helps you reduce the number of denied claims and increase your overall income. 

What do users say about DrChrono? 

When it comes to user reviews, DrChrono has received perfect-star ratings from users for its best-in-class features. Most users feel that the software works flawlessly. It automates daily practice tasks, allows providers to maximize practice revenue while delivering the best patient care possible.  

Clients are pleased with the software’s integration with its medical billing solution as per reviews suggest. Some users have concerns about unpredictable network outages and how these affect their regular work processes. 

Final thoughts 

DrChrono EMR software is an all-rounder healthcare IT system with advanced features that make it an excellent choice for every healthcare facility that chooses to implement it. It is considered the best EMR for pain management. In the end, we recommend test-driving the product for yourself by booking a demo and checking out multiple DrChrono reviews available online. For more information, visit FindEMR and get in touch with our team of experts. 

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