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Diploma in Industrial Safety, a Value-Added Course From The Reputed Ace

by aceconsulting
Diploma in Industrial Safety

The Diploma in Industrial Safety is a program for employees and aspiring students in the field of occupational risks and health issues. Aimed at empowering the course enthusiasts with knowledge, skills, and awareness in workplace safety, health, and industrial processes associated with various industries, this course is specially designed and developed by Ace Training & Consulting to that help ward off risks, accidents, and related losses.

The course addresses various safety concerns of workers associated with the industrial sector. The course materials, training methodologies, and curriculum are made according to international standards but can be followed and understood by personnel from different work environments. Students undertaking this Diploma course can know that every worker is entitled to work in a safe and healthy work environment. Still, at the same time, every employee must ensure that their action doesn’t create disruption or health hazards to the rest of the workforce.

Why is this course important?

This program teaches students all practical aspects of risk management techniques, safety management operations, monitoring safety, and health operations, improving the employees’ standard of health, and enhancing general safety measures. Due to the rise in workplace-related accidents and disasters, it is imperative to safeguard human lives, protect the environment and conserve existing industrial assets to achieve a safe and secure workplace. The training programme also makes the participants thorough safety experts who can be deployed in any kind of industrial surroundings in any part of the world.

This course has been made to enhance the candidates’ skills, aptitude, and technical know-how on occupational safety and standards. The course content is tailor-made to suit every industry’s specific requirements. Working professionals are educated on industrial hazards, risks, accidental prevention techniques, and work hygiene. Since creating awareness on safety audits and health and safety management is critical to prevent an unwarranted situation, Ace has kept these as the focal points to develop workplace safety. To achieve a safe occupational environment, one should know risk assessment and management procedures. Ace ensures that students become proficient in risk assessments and safety management skills.

The International Association of Safety Professionals is a non-profit membership organization providing training, consultative services, and third-party certifications that validate workplace safety knowledge, skills, and abilities. The National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP) is the United States Division of the non-profit International Association of Safety Professionals (IASP). The NASP Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health course helps safety professionals expand their understanding of Workplace Safety.

The students enrolled in the course of Diploma in Industrial Safety in Saudi Arabia gain expertise in the topics of:

Regulatory Compliance

The “Business of Safety” (Monetary impact of accidents)

Humanitarian Concerns and Ethics

This course can be followed up with refresher courses and international level NEBOSH certifications.

ACE Training and Consulting is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, all-sectors specialist training and consultancy provider bringing a broad range of training and consultancy services. ACE Training and Consulting offers expert value-added, highly individualized services to meet all clients’ requirements. Contact us to know more regarding the course!

Compared to the requirement there is an acute shortage of safety professionals. As such anyone doing a course in diploma Fire and Safety has high probability of landing a well-paid job.


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