Digital Signages Save Money and How!


Digital Signages have become such an inseparable part of our lives that it is difficult to imagine our lives without them. Not only do they look great they are an effective way to communicate with our audiences.

How Digital Signages Can Save Time, Money

They also help us to dispense information of various types from single digital signage, all thanks to digital signage PowerPoint. Gone are the days when billboards or posters would be put up. They would not only deface surfaces on which they would be put up they would also have to be reprinted the moment there would be any change in the information given in the poster.

One of the biggest examples of such a situation can be seen in the trains of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

While it is one of the world’s most reputed suburban rail systems but in the first ten years of its service, it used to display routes on printed posters that would be put up on the trains.

The problem with this format of dispensing information was that whenever the route would be expanded or a new station would come into service or a station would be renamed the poster depicting the route map would have to be either reprinted for all the trains serving on that particular route or ugly stickers would be put up on the posters to update the information.

This would not only result in wastage of a lot of paper and ink, but it would also result in a lot of wastage of money.

The solution which Delhi Metro came up with, when two, entirely new, routes were opened for the public was that they installed digital signboards. So, what now happens is that the digital signage not only tells people about the route, it also tells passengers about other information of the Delhi Metro like their social initiatives, instructions on how to travel, etc as well.

Another area where digital signages have made a big difference is restaurants. While restaurants are categorized as per cuisines which they serve like Continental, Oriental, Tex-Mex, Indian, Thai, Mughlai, etc yet there are other differences in restaurants as well.

One of the most basic categorizations amongst restaurants, apart from cuisines is whether they have a fixed menu or not.

While a majority of restaurants are ‘fixed menu’ in nature, quite a few of them have menus which change daily. These are restaurants that usually have large buffets alongside large salad bars. The guests can choose whatever they wish to have and eat as much as they can. For such restaurants, it is almost impossible to print a new menu every day.

So usually they have blackboards or whiteboards where they write down the specialties of the day. So, what happens is that half the times the guest has to get up from his or her table and go across the buffet once again to apprise themselves of what are their options.

Two major reasons for this is that for one many such restaurants do not have menu cards on the table for the simple reason that it changes every day and secondly the limited working memory of a human being does not allow him to retain more than 10 percent of the amount of information which he has visually scanned briefly!

So, today this situation is being dealt with by having a digital menu card in the form of tablets on the table and signages which are placed either at the entrance of the restaurant or at a spot that is easily visible to all the guests!

So, while digital signages in the form of PowerPoint can help solve quite many problems and save a lot of money but a digital signage presentation still has to be prepared professionally. This is where professional PowerPoint designers come in.

Professional PowerPoint designers ensure that your digital signage PowerPoint looks up to the mark and appeals to your target audience the moment they set their eyes on it and that exactly what we want now, don’t we?


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