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Digital platforms that will help you on your next snow trip

by lsmoro

Every time we approach the beginning of another snow season, and we want to make the most of it, there’s nothing better than planning our next ski trip in detail. Using the internet or your cell phone to access the best websites and apps specially designed for this sport is therefore essential. There are many options available, and you can use them through your favorite internet browser or in apps adapted for Android and iPhone. Usually this type of services and information are provided free of charge, which is one more reason to know about them and take advantage of them.
With these tools you will be able to find the best snow, be informed about the weather forecast, know the opening and closing hours, trace your paths along the slopes of the ski resort, compete with other skiers for records and prizes, explore new paths through the mountains more quickly, know where the best restaurants are, find out about existing options for après-ski, find support infrastructures or be in contact at all times with your travel companions. We propose to make the most of one or more of these platforms to take advantage of the best of the mountain. So let’s talk about them, one by one in detail. is one of the best and most complete ski resort websites on the internet. In it we can find real-time information on a wide range of ski resorts. We highlight the available technical sheets of each resort, trail maps and especially the real-time snow reports that provides the current temperature, number of open slopes and the available lifts in operation. The live webcams and weather forecast for each ski resort can also be accessed here. Navigating through this website is very easy, pleasant and intuitive. In addition to the original language, which is English, all the information about the ski resorts is also available in Spanish.

Site focused on providing detailed information, maps, webcams, weather forecasts, test reports and user reviews about thousands of ski resorts around the globe. It also contains a section of news articles from various resorts and it is possible to find many offers of accommodation for each location, especially in Europe. The website is available in multiple languages, which is an advantage in many cases.

On the Snow

A fantastic place to find information about ski resorts, very focused on North America, but with many locations added around the world. Here you will find snow reports, trail maps, webcams, snowfall log history for each ski resort and much more. All with a very nice interface and in several languages. The website also has a news magazine and a very useful trip planner, all available free of charge.

Snow Forecast

The most famous portal with ski resorts weather information in the world. Snow Forecast is known for providing concise and highly detailed weather information and previsions. It is an essential tool for planning a holiday or simply for choosing the best day to visit a particular ski resort. This site covers virtually all relevant ski resorts in the world with forecasts updated every few hours and the most important thing is that everything is available for free. All this makes Snow Forecast one of the most visited websites in the world and a reference for all those who practice all kinds of winter sports.


This app, developed in partnership between Andorra and Spain, informs you almost in real time about the state of the snow in the ski resorts and where to find the best powder snow in the Pyrenees. It is aimed at both Spanish and French practitioners. For this, it uses official and professional meteorological information on the slopes (called snowgods) and with added artificial intelligence to constantly fine-tune the results and offer updated, technical and reliable information, even in places that have a limited season.


Before heading to the slopes, it is always a good idea to do an exercise program to avoid injuries and make the most of the descents. Skifit is an app developed by professional skiers from Chamonix that will help you to perform weekly exercises that can be performed anywhere and that improve your physical condition specifically for the practice of any winter sport. The user is guided according to his data and physical capacity, all through a simple smart phone. An excellent and creative idea born in the ski community!


It is an application and platform that serves the main ski stations on the Peninsula such as Grandvalira, Sierra Nevada, Candanchú, La Molina, Aramón stations, etc. In addition to Europe, America and Oceania. You can download the main application or each of the station applications. With it you can get from one point to another from the station, signaling the ski level that you have, and it will bring you the corresponding route giving voice instructions, as would Google Maps. In addition, it provides information on services, lifts in use, collects the metrics of the ski journey and you can access straightaways among the ski community with prizes such as Go Pro cameras or ski equipment.


This app will record all the information about the route covered during the day: time, maximum and average speed, distance covered, number of descents, maximum altitude, accumulated slope, profile of the day, etc. This way you can compare your statistics during your vacation days and try to improve them, or have fun competing with your friends and family on vacation. The result is a collection of graphs and structured data exposed in a simple and intuitive way that you can store or share.


One of the best 3D maps for freeriders and mountain skiers who want to explore new mountains. It allows you to create routes, share them, see the exact orography of the terrain and provide information on slopes, altitude, plains and also the risk of avalanche in each location. The three-dimensional view is spectacular in its own right but also very useful, no doubt about it.


With this app and the mobile camera you will find the name of all the mountains and the peaks that surround it while you are in the ski resort. Just focus on the screen and the names of the tops will appear. On the ground you will orient yourself much more easily, you will have better memories of your descents. There is also a very useful web version to find out what the peaks are around you anywhere in the world.


All the technology in the world does not and will never replace the true experience of feeling part of nature. The adrenaline, the smells, the colors and the flavors (yes, the flavors of mountain gastronomy are part of it) are what motivates us to look for a mountain each year to enjoy and appreciate our life. We only have one, so it’s always worth making the most of what we love to do.
So, look for the ideal resort, buy the vacation package that suits you, grab your equipment, get together with your friends and get on your way with these apps that we suggest. We sincerely hope that your stay in the mountains is perfect and memorable!

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