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Data Center Services: Uptime Support and Maintenance

by Neomi Rao
Uptime support for data centers

Uptime Maintenance and Data Center Support Services for OEMs and Enterprises

Tier 3 Data Center

Tier 3 Data Center

Do you want to reduce the cost of operating your data center? Data can help.

Providing unwavering reliability at the lowest possible cost is essential for data center providers in a world that demands 100 percent uptime or bust. Such a high standard is difficult to meet. You can reduce your data center’s total cost of ownership (TCO) by taking control of your data, which not only helps you achieve the dual challenge of quality and efficiency.

Getting started isn’t always easy, is it? It is notoriously difficult to manage the mountains of data generated by critical environment facilities, let alone process it to fuel business insight.

By investing in the right technology, processes, and people to manage costs throughout the data center lifecycle, you can lower your TCO (total cost of ownership) across your entire data center portfolio. By using the TCO framework, you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of business operations, improve cost control, and find hidden expenses that promote loss of profitability.

Optimizing the TCO of data center operations

There is an insatiable demand for cloud technologies such as artificial intelligence provided by data centers, from home offices to entertainment streaming services. It is of critical importance to any organization’s success and growth to store, process, and distribute critical and proprietary data to and from those centers. Data centers need to run smoothly and efficiently to be reliable and efficient.

Therefore, to reduce risk, prevent headaches, save money and even drive revenue, data center owners, operators, and users must turn their entire philosophy around the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their facilities.

Focusing on just the immediate needs isn’t the best way to go. You need to look at the bigger picture. That’s what’s called a long-term strategy.

Your data centers’ performance will improve dramatically and positively if you apply a holistic approach to your TCO, from infrastructure to operations to facilities management.

Providing cost analysis in a comprehensive manner

Is there a way to reduce the cost of owning and operating an always-on data center? An asset’s lifecycle includes each cost incurred throughout its lifecycle in the holistic total cost of ownership framework. Plan, design, build, install, commission, operate, maintain, update and decommission equipment from the beginning of the project to the end.

The cost of constructing and acquiring a site is taken into account, as well as local factors – especially local energy costs – that affect operating costs. Operational aspects such as energy management strategies (power purchase agreements, renewable energy sources, and so on) and reliability-focused, predictive maintenance tactics, such as fault detection and diagnostics, can reduce operating and capital costs throughout a facility’s lifespan.

Data, as well as the technologies that generate the data, are required to accurately assess current and future project costs. Multiplied across a portfolio, data and insights can power significant long-term savings and more predictable operating expenses for data center leaders – with the right human, technology, and data reporting processes to support the endeavor.

These are all surefire ways to get your data center ahead of the competition.

With ExterNetworks’ Uptime Support, you can choose the right Plan

For more information about On-Demand Uptime Support, please visit Here, you can connect with technicians who have the necessary skill set. Employers will be able to find skilled individuals more easily.

We take all necessary precautions to ensure a safe and healthy work environment when our uptime support technicians conduct their duties on-site!

Data Center Support Services provided by FE

FE provides data center support services to assist OEMs and enterprises with the transition to hybrid IT environments. We do this by helping manage, automate and manage IT operations.

As a result of this solution, FE will provide the right talent, technology, and security for every process. The IT infrastructure and the cloud itself can be optimized on-site, in the cloud, and within the computer network.

Businesses can hire the best data center talent when they have full automation and management capabilities. You will be able to focus on your key initiatives rather than hiring more full-time employees, which will inevitably lead to higher costs.

FE data center support services allow you to hire experts on-site regardless of your location. FE has a global network of 195 countries, so no matter where you are, you can get the support you need.

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