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CryptoBlades Clone Script-Launch Your NFT-Based Roleplaying Game

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CryptoBlades Clone Script

The Blockchain revolution has drastically changed the gaming industry in the past few years. Virtual games offer promising opportunities to the players and the gaming platform owners in terms of popularity and generating a high income, especially the NFT- based role-playing games like CryptoBlades.Thousand of people have already started participating in the play to earn games, and more are expected to join these platforms in the coming time.

The virtual games give the players real-time experience, making them more curious about such games. Various types of NFT games are available in the market, and cryptoBlades is one of the most popular among crypto enthusiasts as they can own interesting in-game assets. The game caters to all the game players’ desires; that is why the craze among people is rising with passing time.

If you want to try your luck in the virtual gaming industry, you can start your own Cryptoblades-like game. To start with, reach an experienced metaverse game development company that understands your needs and offers you a cutting-edge product under your budget.

Overview Of CryptoBlades-Role Playing Game

It is a role-playing game launched on the Binance Smart Chain to offer play-to-earn opportunities to users. Players can choose the role they want to play, fight with their enemies on the virtual gaming platform, and make money by winning.

Also, the winners get the chance to earn different rewards. However, they must pay a gas fee to join the platform. The players get SKILL tokens from the platform after conquering the rivals. Other activities include hiring the additional characters for role play and forging/reforge the weapons to advance an individual’s powers.

The game poses different elements on the land with different properties and capabilities like weapon attributes etc. The elements play an important role in improving and decreasing the chances of a player or team winning.

  • Earth-Strong against Lightning, weak against Fire
  • Water-Strong against Fire, weak against Lightning
  • Lighting- Strong against Water, weak against Earth
  • Fire-Strong against Earth, weak against Water.

Cryptoblades Clone Script

Cryptoblades clone script is a role play NFT-based gaming development script powered by Binance Smart Chain to launch a Cryptoblades clone in a short span. The players can own and mint the NFTs on the platform. They can trade the characters and different weapons in the virtual market. Businesses can benefit greatly by using the cryptoblades clone script to enter the online gaming market.

 Advanced Features of CryptoBlades Clone Script

  • The cryptoblades has an amazing user-friendly interface that offers a smooth experience to the users. It is the first component where users interact with the platform and can potentially retain the users.
  • It offers high interoperability so it can run fast and equally on the cross-platform device.
  • It supports multiple modes of payments like credit cards, bank transfers etc.
  • The platform facilitates a high level of liquidity and transparency.
  • Users can use multi-currency wallets with this gaming platform built with cryptoblades clone script.
  • It offers a completely decentralized environment for the users to monitor and manage the whole process on the platform. So, users have full control over the platform.

What Are The Benefits Of Launching Our CryptoBlades Clone Script?

Interpreters are adopting blockchain technology globally in several industries. However, in the gaming industry, technology has made its remarkable place. The recent trend of NFT-based play to earn is upsurging due to its massive benefits to the users and businesses. Here we have listed the top benefits of launching the cryptoblades clone:

  • It is a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in NFT- based gaming. The transactions made for the NFT trading allow them to earn from the gas fees the users pay to the platform.
  • However, the players can mint the characters and weapons into digital tokens and can later sell them to other people on the platform.
  • The weapons can be listed on the platfrom in decreasing order of the SKILL values. The robust and advanced weapons are associated with higher SKILL values.
  • Players have the right to exchange the SKIll tokens for earning cryptos. The tokens’ trading happens the same way it is done on Binance.

Understand CryptoBlades Clone

Cryptoblades clone is a platform similar to the cryptoblades with all the features and operations. In other words, it is like a ready-made or Whitelabel solution for the users to play NFT-based role-playing games. However, every entrepreneur can ask the development team to customize the platform per their needs.

The smart contracts are employed on the Binance Smart Chain to build the cryptoblades clone. So, the players must deal with the platform’s BNB currency when trading the in-game assets. For this, they need to create their wallet account with metamask and then link with the gaming platform. The condition is to acquire  4.6 SKILL tokens to begin playing the game.


The native crypto token of cryptoblades is SKILL. Players need a certain amount of SKILL tokens to get the characters, weapons, etc., on the marketplace. With the use of SKILL, the players can mint the gaming NFTs.Listing the NFTs for buying/selling is possible using tokens.

100,000 – 200,000  SKILL tokens are reserved for liquidity and incentives. The users who possess advanced and robust characters in the gameplay get more SKILL tokens.

The SKILL Token supply is as follows: 

  • IDO – 35%
  • Gameplay Incentives – 20%
  • Liquidity Incentives – 10%
  • Initial Liquidity – 15%
  • Development – 20%


Taking action comes under combat. The player must choose the character to enter the plaza and choose the weapon. Then, a total of four enemy combatanats appear. Out of which, the players can select the one he wants. Before selecting the opponent, the players can consider certain points:

  • Characteristics of the character
  • Weapon attributes
  • Attributes of the opponent
  • opponent’s power


The players can get two types of rewards for winning over their enemies:

  • SKILL:  It is based on how strong is the defeated enemy.
  • Character Experience:  The player who defeated the enemies gets experience added to his character.

Both rewards are reserved until the player starts the transaction to shift the SKILL to their crypto wallet and imply the experience earned. However, in case of any forging, the platform will remove the experience earned and SKILL earned from the player’s wallet.


Players can select the character in the gameplay by minting them. And randomly, elements are assigned to the character. If a character is minted for the first time, minting the weapon is not required until combat.


In Cryptoblades, the players get to use a total of 5 types of weapons. Depending on the minting process, these weapons are rated from 1 to 5 stars. For example, the weapon that is minted for the first time at the time of minting a character for the first time.

One-star, 44% chance

 Two-star, 35% chance

 Three-star, 15% chance

 Four-star, 5% chance

Five-star, 1% chance

Create Your Own NFT Cryptoblades Role Playing Gaming Marketplace

You can reach a leading Cryptoblades clone development company to start your own gaming journey. You can ask the platform developers to add your desired features under your budget. Dont forget to include the features that allow the users to trade the NFTs freely. 

So, without wasting any time. Take action! Get in touch with the experts to start the new venture.

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