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Convert Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar- Productively

by Minki

Usually, most of the users are worried about convert Outlook calendar to Google calendar. So, we are introducing two ways through which this problem gets solved.

Life becomes easy not only, but also if you have all your appointments and meetings in one calendar. You had been able to see your available free time easily, and can give preference to your schedule accordingly. There is a rare chance of Double-booked and missed meetings.

Thus, because of this reason only many tools exist in the market. Here we’ll guide you with the best method. As well as, tell you available applications. It all depends on you to use which method, and how.

User Queries

I have been using Microsoft Outlook for the last 3 years. And I have a calendar ICS file from Microsoft Outlook. Unfortunately, my Outlook stopped working. Is there any way to open Outlook Calendar to Google? Please, suggest me proficient method which can add Outlook calendars to Google Calendars. Thanks!

I want to fetch my old calendar data from Microsoft Outlook. But, recently, I’m not using it. But, I have a PST file on my PC. So, is there any method to extract my Outlook calendar data to my Google Calendar? Please help me in this regard. Thanks a lot!

So, to solve above queries, without wasting a single second, we read further.

Manual Method to Add Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

In this section, we will discuss the manual method. Here, we don’t require any plugins or extensions to convert Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar. Just you need one file from outlook and need to attach it with Google, that’s all.

Follow these steps:

  1. Run Microsoft Outlook in your system. And login to your account.
  2. After that you need to open that calendar of which you want data. Go to File>> Save Calendar.
  3. Now, the file is ready and you can save it with your desired name and your preferred location. Even, you can preview the calendar information. After having the required file click on OK>> Save.
  4. Now login to your Google account using a web browser.
  5. After login into Gmail, go to the right upper corner column toolbar of the screen. Tap on Calendar.
  6. Now, select the Gear icon then select Settings.
  7. So, to import Microsoft Outlook Calendar you need to go with Import & Export Option.
  8. Now, go to Select file from your computer option. Upload the Outlook Calendar file.

In this way, you can convert Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar.

However, while operating the above-mentioned steps we face some minor issues. Like chances of any data missing. Sometimes, during the above process, events get mixed up with each other. Thus, it leads to the misleading of information of schedule. Moreover, it is a very long and time-consuming process. Moreover, domestic users don’t know clearly about this process. And, the user must know some technicalities. Even, user can only export individual date information.

Therefore, we recommend you to use the Can we Export Outlook File to EML.

Automated Solution to Convert Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

Many times users have not installed the Microsoft Outlook application in their operating system. And they left with the PST file. It contains all the emails, calendars, contacts, notes, etc. Even, users have ICS files with them. And, they want to open it in Google Calendar.

Thus, we go for software that workarounds. PST converter is one such tool. It has many features which help users to work with the tool.

Feature of the application

  • User Friendly: The application has a user-friendly interface. Such that, any user can use it in their comfort zone.
  • Outlook Installation: This tool does not ask for the installation of Microsoft Outlook on PC. It works on its end and helps to migrate Outlook calendar to Google calendar.
  • Folder Hierarchy: It keeps data intact. That is it maintains folder hierarchy. Any there is less chance of data loss as well.

Because of these features of the application, without hassle users can convert Outlook calendar to Google calendar.

Working on the software

Firstly all you need to install and run the application in your operating system. Then, perform these simple steps.

    1. Run the tool in your system. The first page of the tool is displayed.

add outlook pst file

    1. Then, from the above upper left corner select the PST file format. Add to it. Now, the process starts.

outlook calendar file to google

    1. Now, select the ICS in Export type. Then, click on the Export.

outlook to google calendar

Therefore, from the above steps, you will get your Outlook calendar in ICS format.

Now, you can upload this file to the Google Calendar. Follow these steps:

  • Login to your Gmail account.
  • Open Google calendar.
  • Now, go to settings>> Import and Export>> select file.
  • After selecting the file, click on the Import.

Ending Lines

Accordingly, from the above methods, users can easily convert Outlook calendar to Google calendar. By the manual method, we can only export Outlook calendar of a single date. Therefore, because of that, we go for professional applications. In this way, our conversion process becomes easier.

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