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Convert JPG to Word Online & Free

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We all know that students and professionals nowadays are packed with gadgets. Wherein they usually save notes and lectures through pictures and screenshots. One of the best ways to turn these lectures into text is to convert JPG to Word to edit them. Here, we will show the detailed steps to turn tons of images into an editable Word file using the internet’s most reliable PDF program, LightPDF. Besides that, we will also introduce the core features of the tool that can help you to solve your PDF problems.

What Is LightPDF?

LightPDF is an all-in-one PDF web-based program that you can rely on to create, edit and convert PDFs to different file formats or vice versa. Not to mention, this program is developed with a user-friendly interface so that beginners can use all the features with ease. Furthermore, this program is accessible with popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Besides that, this program has a software version for Windows computers. In addition, this tool is available for your mobile phones, which you can download easily from Google Play Store and App Store. Dig deep into this article to learn more about this JPG to text converter.

What Are LightPDF’s Core Features?

Convert PDF

This program supports comprehensive collections of file formats that you can use to convert PDFs easily. Wherein it allows you to convert your PDF files to .docx, .pptx, .xlxs, .txt, .png, .jpg, and .dwg or vice versa for free.

Edit PDF

Apart from converting, this program can also edit PDFs to improve your document’s content. With this, it offers essential editing functions, including adding watermarks and annotations, splitting, merging, and rotating your documents.

Secure PDF

The third core feature of this program is that it allows you to add extra security to your PDFs. This lets you protect your documents from editing by inserting a password. Aside from that, it allows you to validate documents by adding a digital and handwritten signature to your PDF document. This JPG to DOC converter is also capable of unlocking password-protected PDFs.

Batch Process

One of the beneficial feature of this program is its Batch Process feature. With this one it helps you to save time in converting, OCR, splitting, compressing multiple PDF files in single process.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Lastly, we have its OCR feature. This feature is really helpful, wherein you can turn images, scanned-based PDFs, and other files into editable Word, Excel, and many more files.

How to Use LightPDF to Convert JPG to Word?

In this part of this article, we will show the simplest ways to use LightPDF online and desktop versions when it comes on how to convert JPG to Word. Check the steps below to get started.

Method 1: How to Convert JPG to Word via LightPDF Web?

  • First, visit the tool’s official website and proceed to its “PDF Tools” menu to click “OCR” to proceed.
  • Second, click the “CHOOSE FILES” button to upload the image from your PC.
  • Third, customize the “Recognition Mode” and “Recognize Language” menus according to your preference and select the “Word (.docx)” output format. Then, hit the “OCR” button to proceed.
  • Fourth, click the “Download recognized” button to save the converted image to an editable Word file.

Method 2: How to Convert JPG to Word via LightPDF Desktop App?

  • Download and install this JPG to text converter from its official website or click the “Free Download” button below to save the installer on your pc.
  • Launch the app once it is installed to open the image.
  • From here, go to the “Tools” section and select the “OCR” feature.
  • Next, adjust all the options on the window that will appear to customize the output according to your preference. After that, click the “OK” button below to start the process.
  • Lastly, wait for the recognized file and go to the “Convert” section to select the “To Word” tool to turn the image into a Word file successfully.


To sum it up, this article talks about the easiest way how to convert JPG to Word using LightPDF. Besides that, we also introduce the core features that can help you solve your PDF problems. With that, we highly recommend you this tool when it comes to processing your PDF documents.

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