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Comfast WiFi Extender Installation, Troubleshooting, and Review

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Comfast wifi extender

Comfast WiFi Extender Setup, Troubleshooting, and Review

Sometimes the routers may not be enough to cover every corner of your home. Although many routers promise to leave no dead zones in your home or office, the reality of using it is that it can be difficult to achieve this. We are primarily providing Comfast wifi Extender setup .

Comcast’s latest WiFi extender was created to solve this problem. Comfast’s WiFi extender increases wifi range to up to 100 feet, depending on the obstacles. The Comfast WiFi extender works best in large houses because it can penetrate walls and transmit reliable data.

Comfast booster can boost your router’s WiFi signal. It can also boost the network from nearby sources. The wireless access speed of the Comfast booster is over 1200Mbps. Its two external antennas, which stabilize WiFi connectivity, are the secret to its remarkable network catch. This device can connect to 25 devices. This device supports repeaters, AP modes, and wired and wireless connections.

Comfast WiFi Extender Setup

Comfast is also very simple to install and set up. It provides a quick installation feature. It doesn’t look shabby, despite all this. It is compact and elegant enough to be complimented by anyone.

 WiFi Extender Features

Please take a look at the amazing features that this Comfast WiFi extender offers.

1) Transmission Speed: 1200Mbps

This Dual Band WIFI Range Extender (5GHz and 2.4GHz) works with all Wi-Fi networks and can run on two groups at speeds of up to 1200Mbps. Rapid association 360° for fast surfing HD video and online games.

2) Transmission Range: up to 2500FT

The Comfast WiFi extender comes with four high-acquire antennas. These are use to wipe out dead areas and increase the range of your Wi-Fi inclusion. They also have the ability to extend the signal to inaccessible or difficult-to-wire zones. Its remote, extended reach of up to 2000 feet won’t cause any problems.

3) Compatible With 99% of Networks

Comfast Wi-Fi Range Extender is compatible with 99 percent of available networks and can be used with any standard network or entrance. It supports all gadgets such as Android, Samsung, Echo/ Alexa, PCs, and PlayStation. It’s ideal for HD streaming and gaming.

4) Find the perfect spot easily

The Keen Signal Indicator helps you find the ideal area for Wi-Fi inclusion. This Wi-Fi range extender will help you to quickly set up and conduct testing. Once you have expanded effectively, you will be able to move an ideal acknowledge that can keep a best expanding Effect.

5) Work Mode: Repeater/AP

You can use AP/ Repeater/ Router mode for different needs. This extender wifi works with all 802.11a/b/g/n/ac entryway and switch guidelines. It can also be connected to 25 gadgets, whereas most extenders only allow for 5.

6) Frequency Range


7) Wireless Transmit power:

80mW(19dBm)(MAX EIRP).

How do I set up Comfast WiFi Extension?

The comfast extenders are turn on and power. Connect the connector to a safe source of power and then press the button briefly. The extender will turn on when the control LED is stable.
With Comfast WiFi Extender Setup , we are always available. Below is a simple guide to setting up your Comfast Wireless smartphone seater.

Step 1

Connect to WiFi Signal Comfast – XXXXXXXX.

Step 2

Type the IP address into the program.

3 Step

Enter your default username and password. Both are admin.


This alternative will not be shown on cell phones if you have a PC Select Repeater.

Step 5

Comfast Repeater will look for connection signs.


Choose the sign that you want to draw.

Step 7

Enter your WiFi password.

Step 8

The repeater will reset after 30 seconds.


Connect to the new network again and enter your password.


Finally, you are done. Wireless repositioning will now be possible after connection. For 30 seconds, press the reset button and then try again. This completes the Comfast WiFi Extender setup.

Setup Comfast Wireless Network Repeater using WPS

  1. Place the compact repeater near the network signal access points or reposition it once it is synchronized.
  2. Hold the WPS button on the home network for between 5-10 seconds.
  3. For 10 seconds, press and hold the WPS button for 2 minutes on the Comfast Repeater.
  4. The WiFi sign will flash blue lights to indicate that the network is being established.
  5. Connect to the Comfast Network Repeater, which will be called ‘Home Network’-Plus.
  6. For security purposes, you will only need to create or enter the password once.
  7. You are done with the Comfast WiFi Extender setup.

setting up access points at Comfast WiFi extender

  1. First, connect to Wireless Network Comfast
  2. Type into your internet browser
  3. As both username and password are the same, enter admin.
  4. Choose ‘AP.
  5. Enter your new network name, encryption type, and password in the Key field. Next, select “Apply” if you have a 2G or 5G Access Point.
  6. Wait for your gadget to reboot.
  7. With the password that you have chosen, connect to the new wireless network.
  8. You should be online now.

Comfast WiFi Extender Setup LED Status

The LED lights on Range Extender can provide useful information about the working status of the device. It is important to know the exact sign of the LED lights when you arrange or use your RE gadget. Below is an example of LED lights used in different situations.

Part A: When you organize the Range Extender with the WPS/RE catch.

Accepting the RE light in the WPS cycle is a good idea. The RE LED should change from “blinking” to “strong on”, which indicates that the WPS connection works well. If the association is active, this LED sign light will turn on.

Part B: If the Range Extender are configuring.

You will be able to see the signal lights and determine if your Range Extender has been designing well. The signal light will remain on when the extender is connected to the network.

It doesn’t matter what shade it has or how many sign bars are there, the signal light will be solid “on” once the extender are connect.
The signal strength of RE is determined by the number or color of the signals. This information is only use to help you choose the most suitable area for your RE.

Keep this in mind

  • RE light on Range Extender is use only to display the WPS cycle. The RE/ WPS button on Range Extender will turn on and the light will start flickering. If the RE light becomes strong after a while, it means that the WPS cycle has been activated.
  • The Signal lights on the Range Extender will tell you if your Range Extender is successfully connected to the wireless network. You can check RE’s Signal light to see if your Range Extender has been successfully designed.

What are Saying the people about comfast extender

This is purchase by my sister because I live in a large house. After adding a very pleasant extension room to the house, I discovered that my gathering was poor due to blockage from outside walls. The unit was able to shoot straight through the wall and transmits a complete signal throughout the house.

This WiFi range extender is my favorite because it includes a Wi Fi repeater, Wi-Fi switch, and a 3-in-1 wireless access point element. This was my Wi-Fi range extender in my second-floor bedroom. This improved the signal and transmission speeds. Another advantage is the simple setup.


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