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Choosing the Right Pilates Reformer Machine

by pitatesreforers
pilates reformer machine for sale

A Pilates reformer is definitely not only for Pilates – it is a whole life fitness program. These low-impact, high-energy exercises are ideal for rehabilitation and strength building. Because of this, you become stronger, fitter, and most importantly, more confident about your body. Pilates is an excellent exercise regimen for maintaining your core body strength as well as increasing flexibility. Pilates also helps to increase the circulation of oxygen and lymph throughout your body which helps your body to function better.

You can do Pilates exercises right at home with your own Pilates reformer machines. You can even buy your own Pilates exercise equipment but, I would suggest that you buy a Pilates reformer Machine. These machines have been designed specifically with people who cannot afford a gym membership in mind. Pilates can be very expensive and if you were to do all the exercises at a gym, it would be extremely expensive. The best thing about Pilates is you can do the exercises at home and not have to worry about expensive gym fees.

What one learns when starts with Pilates?

When you start learning how to do Pilates, you will learn the exercises in a Pilates class or a Pilates reformer machine for sale. But there is so much more that you can learn and experience when you use your own Pilates Exercise Equipment. Some of the exercises include the plank, the ring, the inverted row, triangle push-ups, plyometrics, flexibility training, stability ball workouts, and much more. There is definitely something for everyone. So when you think of starting a Pilates class or purchasing your own Pilates reformer machine, make sure it includes all the following benefits:

pilates reformer machine for sale

A Pilates Reformer Machine –

The best Pilates reformer machine out there is the Cadillac. Cadillac is so easy to use it doesn’t even feel like you are doing anything when you are using it. It is truly one of the best Pilates machines you will ever own.

It Has Spring Assures You Are in Constant Balance –

Pilates is a great form of exercise because you are constantly getting a resistance through your whole body and the exercises don’t change. When you start a Pilates class or purchase your own Pilates reformer, the resistance is constant. However, when you use your own Pilates Equipment, the resistance changes. It is important to get your foot bar springs and the springs in place to keep your body in constant balance. When you do exercises like jumps, plyometrics, etc, your body gets a shock to the core and this can change your balance.

It Has a Low Foot Bar –

This is a non traditional Pilates device. Most reformers on the market have a bar that goes from top to bottom. A traditional machine has two springs that go up and down. The reason the foot bar is not traditional is that the bar doesn’t move up or down. The springs work with tension. This creates a smooth motion and helps with flexibility and strength training.

It Has a High Quality Foot Bar –

This makes a big difference. The high quality foot bar that comes with the Cadillac helps support you as you perform your exercises which makes the exercises more comfortable. It also has extra straps that support the torso and help you maintain good posture while doing your exercises. The extra straps also prevent you from rolling off of the machine which can cause injuries.

It Has High Quality Strap and Spring Set –

You definitely want to invest in a good quality strap and spring set when purchasing your Pilates reformer. The quality of the straps and springs will determine how much they support your body and how smoothly they move. The best straps move around only one point on the body at a time which reduces sagging and bouncing while using the machine. The quality of the springs is also important because they add resistance which forces your muscles to work harder so you burn more calories. The best machines have both quality straps and strong springs. One can simply buy the best Pilates reformer machines for sale from online stores like


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