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Choosing the right central vacuum system for your home

by sophiataylor

Our homes have rapidly progressed from an electronic home appliances for convenience to a necessity. Similarly, our homes have turned smarter, more compact and self-sustaining. Given the geography and climatic conditions of India, coupled with the availability of cheap labor, a large number of homes in India still employ manual methods of sweeping and mopping.

India is a tropical country which means cleaning homes is usually a daily chore. Given the dust, heavy rains and hot summers. An upgrade from this usual method is using vacuum cleaners, or even robotic mobile vacuum cleaners that clean homes and office spaces.

An even smarter upgrade is the central vacuum (CVAC) system, which as the name suggests is a powerful, multi modal, central vacuum system. Apart from offering the obvious advantages such as convenience and cleaning, it also keeps the space residue and allergen free, since they exhaust to the outside.

All you need to know about a CVAC: 

A CVAC is a detailed vacuuming setup that is planned such that there are vacuum nodes in each room, in case of a home or at strategic collection points in case of a commercial setting. It is a semi-permanent fixture that can remove dirt, particulate matter and debris from the spaces it is installed in.

The power unit is a central fixture located in the garage, yard or any concealed, less used location.

How a CVAC works: 

CVAC has a cleaning port in each room or at specified points, which is connected through a series vacuum pipes that centrally connect to a vacuum suction device / collector.

It is a full-fledged integrated vacuuming solution with three elements:

Vacuum suction device: This is the main device providing suction from the cleaning ports placed in the system. The dirt, debris, dust are all collected here centrally.

Connector ducts: These are pipes and ducts that run all through the place, which transport the dirt and debris to the collection tank of the CVAC system. Thinks of these as the veins of the circulatory system.

Vacuum Ports: Lastly, the system has many ports for vacuum inlet, retractable hoses that can be pulled, used and let in to be concealed again. These are the collection devices, and picks up all particulate matter.

Do I really need a Residential Central Vacuum System?

A common misconception is that it is useful only in industrial settings or large floor spaces. However, it has more advantages that can be easily customized for homes.

  • Home central vacuum systems clear out spores, allergens and other particulate matter that not just make spaces clean, but improve air quality.
  • You do not have to clear out the vacuum collection bag as is in the case of a regular or robotic vacuum cleaner. The central collection unit takes care of it.
  • It supports both dry and wet vacuum cleaning.
  • Today with tech scaling up there are many affordable Wet & dry automatic central vacuum systems, which can be set up in a jiffy in already constructed houses as well. Installation is easy, and does not take much time

How do I choose the right CVAC for my home?

  • Choose the right type and size: There are many types of CVAC systems in the market today. Understand what works best for your requirements, choose the right size and kind. Do you need a dry and wet vacuum system? If it is too confusing just schedule a product demo so that you will understand the details.
  • Pay attention to energy consumption: Pick a central vacuum cleaner system that is not just economical in energy consumption but also makes low noise. Remember, most vacuum systems are extremely noisy. You would not want the whole neighbourhood to know when you clean your house.
  • Choose the right filtration system: One of the most important elements of a CVAC system is a filtration element. The filters are collection bags, foam or fabric or no filters which directly collects and disposes out the waste. Depending on your requirement, home size and usage the home automation company, or your architect will suggest the best suited filtration material.

In conclusion…

Vacuuming is a slow, loud and arduous process. However, a CVAC system is a great way to pull out your little vacuum from every port in the room or space you want to clean and that’s about it. They are sturdy, last longer and is more or less a one time investment. What is better is that it is extremely flexible now. You can install one in your new home, or one in your existing home as well.

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