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CDSCO Registration: All the important points that you might have missed

by surajrajwanshi99
cdsco registration

CDSCO registration is required by the importers of drugs or cosmetics in India. The Central Drug Standard Control Organization only issues this license after it has assessed your requirement thoroughly. Are you fully aware of those requirements? If you’re not, this blog will tell you about the points that you might have missed.

Interested in importing cosmetic products in India? There are a couple of legal requirements that you need to fulfil first. One of them is a simple IEC code, and the other one is the CDSCO cosmetic registration.

CDSCO online registration is a business license issued by the Central Drug Standard Control Organization. To obtain the license, you need to provide the organization with a lot more than an online application. Thus, in this article, we are going to look at the points – the documents that you might have missed – to submit the authority.

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The reason for specific documents

When you’re going to look at the list, you’re going to see specific documents that you need to provide in order to obtain CDSCO product registration. However, here are the reasons of why you need them:

  • The legality of the product you’re importing: Sometimes, exporters sell their stuff in other countries when they aren’t allowed to do so in theirs. However, CDSCO doesn’t approve of it. Only product that can be sold everywhere is allowed to be sold in India.
  • Whether the product contains toxic chemicals: CDSCO import registration is often sought for foreign products that are exotic in nature. And when you talk exotic, you basically insinuate for the product to have banned substances. Such substances might be successful, but they come at a hefty cost to the health of the consumer.
  • Whether animals were being tested on during the manufacturing of the product: It’s imperative that the ethical nature of the product is maintained during production. That’s why, the CDSCO wants that no animal is harmed during the production.

Documents needed for CDSCO import registration

Now that you know the reasons for the documents, let’s take a look of them that you need for CDSCO registration certificate.

  • A cover letter explaining the CDSCO about your need of CDSCO registration
  • A Power of attorney authorizing the authorized signatory
  • A duly filled undertaking
  • List of ingredients of the cosmetic product
  • Labels of the product
  • Product specification
  • Testing method implementing
  • A free sale certificate from the product’s country of origin
  • Declaration that no toxic chemicals are present in the product.
  • Declaration that no animals were tested.
  • An application form of CDSCO registration
  • Receipt of the application fee.


CDSCO registration process’s success hinges of having the right documents. Thus, if you have any query pertaining to the nature or the process of gathering the aforementioned documents, feel free to consult with our CDSCO registration consultants. We provide end to end registration services for importing cosmetics in India. Furthermore, if you’re truly looking for more information pertaining this license, our experts are readily available to provide free consultation.

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