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Cannot Open Attachments in Apple Mail – Resolved

by Elle Stephen

In recent cases, many Mac users have found that they cannot open attachments in Apple Mail. This happens when you have migrated or upgraded to Mac OS Sierra and sometimes the attachments and emails are lost. Some users have reported that their emails have disappeared. This problem can be easily solved using two methods, which will be explained later. First, let’s look at real-time user queries to understand what situations users are facing.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best programs used by millions of users worldwide. It is known for its business use because it is the most effective and professional method of email communication. It also helps in economic development. Like other email services, Outlook’s inbox stores emails, calls, calendars, books, notes, tasks, and more. 

Having attachments files in your inbox is nothing new. This is the most common situation that all email users face. If someone re-sends you an email, it’s a fact that they will return the email. However, many other attachments will not open in Apple Mail.

User Question

I recently encountered a Mac Mail can’t open attachment error, which is very difficult because I have a lot of emails with attachments in my inbox. I need to process these emails to verify the changes in the link. I’ve been looking for a solution for 2 days, but I can’t find any results. Does anyone want to point me to a solution that might help me? It is very important.

Let’s see how to fix this Error

How to Resolve “Cannot Open Attachments in Apple Mail” Error

There are two methods that you can use to deal with missing emails. You can recreate your mailbox to fix this error, but before doing so, remember to restore your mailbox in case the manual process went wrong or you missed the steps leading to data loss or corruption.

There are also other ways for users to resolve the error and this is also a smart solution. This should be an extraction process and avoid all the limitations of the manual method. Let’s take a look at both methods and see which one is the better solution.

How to Manually Solve Apple Mail Not Opening Attachment Errors?

Following the steps below will help you understand the mailbox recovery process:

  • First of all, Open the Mail application on your Mac
  • From there, click Mailbox in the menu and select Rebuild to rebuild the mailbox
  • In the next step, select Mail menu and click Settings
  • Select the account and go to the account where you saved the attachment
  • Now Select on “Download Attachments” on the “Account Information” tab and Choose “All”
  • Then close the settings and open the email with the attachment and it will appear again.

Here’s how to solve the “Apple Mail can’t open attachment” error. If this method doesn’t work for you and you still can’t open the attachments, the following steps can help you get the problem right. Sometimes this method can lead to mistakes if not used correctly.

Automatic Solution to Solve “Cannot Open Attachments in Apple Mail” Problem

You can extract the email attachment and save it in your preferred location. To do this, download the MBOX Attachment Extractor Tool. With this tool, you can easily extract and save files from MBOX, MBX, MBS and MBOX format files (without extensions). Also, this tool stores old and outdated data. Various naming and date filtering options are available for each file transfer. You can create notifications for users about the success and failure of the export process after extraction. This software supports all latest versions of Mac OS starting from Mac OS X 10.8.

The Working Steps of the Extraction Tool are as follows:

  • Download the software and select the Add File/Folder option

Mac MBOX Attachments Extractor

  • Select files/folders and click Choose Settings. Hit Next to go to the next Option

Select files/folders

  • Now check the radio button next to No Folder Hierarchy and check Create Folder for Attachments

Folder Hierarchy

  • Click Naming Convention and use the Folder Naming Convention and Folder Naming Convention extension

Naming Convention

  • Select Advanced settings, then select Use date filter and select the file types and file sizes that you want to include or exclude from the file size. Click the Save button

Save button

  • Click Change for the final output location and then click Export to complete the process

click Export to complete the process

  • After extracting the file to the desired location, you can open and view all attachments  on your computer.

Availability of Free MBOX File Attachments Extractor Software

Free Version: Users can download the demo version of MBOX file attachments extractor software and try it for free. Since this is a free version of the software, there are some limitations. After removing from attachments MBOX files, it allows users to extract 10 attachments to each folder.

Licensed Version: Once satisfied with the free version of MBOX file attachments extractor, users can purchase the full version and get full access to the tool. It does not impose any export item restrictions.

Premium Features Available from MBOX File Attachment Extractor

MBOX file Attachments extractor tool has many features that make it more attractive as below:

  • Extract Apple Mail Attachments Files Easily: The main function of this software is to enable the extraction of messages from Mac mail. This option helps to extract emails separately from MBOX files at for various professional tasks.
  • Advanced Filter Options: The program is packed with various email filtering options to process emails from mac mail files with specific email addresses, email folder sizes and optional date-to-date email extraction.
  • Multiple Options for Loading Data: This product has many options to select MBOX files as selected files or specific folders, so users can easily select MBOX files and folders containing mac mail files from Windows PC internal and external storage locations.
  • Bulk Email Extraction from MBOX Files: This is a great feature of this software as it helps extract messages from Mac mail format, so that users can save valuable time and effort spent on repeating the same process over and over again.
  • Free Choice of Destination: It allows you to choose a destination to save extracted files. Now users can easily extract apple mail emails and save them to the selected destination on the computer.
  • All Email Clients Support: This tool supports various types of apple mail files exported from Mozilla Thunderbird, Google Takeout, Mac Mail, SeaMonkey, Apple Mail, Eudora Mail, Netscape Mail, IncrediMail, Postbox, etc., for the benefit of users.
  • Preview File for Extraction: After selecting the MBOX file, the tool provides an option to view mac mail file data on the software panel, including attachment, date, sender, recipient, subject, email details, links, internet headers, etc., which is useful for analysis.
  • MBOX File Size is Not Limited: This tool is fully compatible with large apple mail files as there is no size limit to extract emails attachment from apple mail format. The software company released this software after repeated testing.

Finish Line

Often users face the error “cannot open attachments in Apple Mail” and don’t know what to do. Here we provide users with simple solutions that can help them solve this problem. The manual method is very useful and a very safe way to deal with these situations. For a smart tool, it’s easy-to-use software that a novice can use to extract and access your attachments instantly. This has nothing to do with fixing Mac Mail errors, but it can be used to view individual attachments on your machine.

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