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Call of Duty Cold War: Treyarch messes it up with snipers in the alpha

by juliankale

The developer wanted to test a somewhat improved version of sniper rifles while crossplay was not activated in Call of Duty: Cold War. However, there is nothing to worry about: they will arrive nerfed in the next beta.

Call of Duty Cold War: Treyarch messes it up with snipers in the alpha, but for good reason

The sniper rifles are still a real problem in the alpha of Call of Duty: Cold War. The playable test of the new Black Ops has drawn some criticism in the community for the current state of snipers. However, the developer insists that it is an improvement that they made intentionally to test the operation of these versions during the first test.

There are several problems with the weapons of this class. According to many players, they aim too fast and offer too much mobility. In addition, the two that are available during this alpha phase available on PS4 are capable of killing the opponent with only impact on the chest, stomach, or head and offer very similar characteristics.

The sniper rifles in this Call of Duty Mobile MOD Apk: Cold War work in a similar way to how they did in previous installments of the saga. They have always been the most controversial weapons and changes have been coming to their operation over the years, the most notable being the one that came with Modern Warfare that made them much slower and rougher than we were used to. At least, if we don’t equip the right accessories.

From Treyarch, they have agreed with the players, promising balance changes for the next beta. However, they wanted to verify one of the elements that justify these changes to a greater extent: the lack of crossplay.

Although crossover play is coming to the game and present as in Modern Warfare, the alpha is exclusive to PS4 and there is no need to worry about keyboard and mouse gamers. This special circumstance gave the developers the perfect opportunity to test alternative and more powerful versions of the snipers before the PC community joined the game. In other words, it was practically the only opportunity to make changes without affecting them so much as to make the game a true sniper’s nest.

Call of Duty Cold War: The class with AK-74u to burst the alpha

The alpha available on PS4 has allowed us to begin to conclude what the game will be like when it is available. The AK-74u seems to be one of the best weapons and we can already take advantage of it in this Cold War.

Call of Duty Cold War: The class with AK-74u to burst the alpha of the new Black Ops

With each change in Call of Duty, finding the new weapons that work best is a must. The Alpha of this Cold War is one of the best opportunities that we will have before launch to begin to calibrate what will be the potential of each of the classes that will be available when the final version of the game arrives during November.

One of the most prominent weapons in the game is being the AK-74u. This modified, submachine gun version of the popular Soviet assault rifle is causing a real sensation during alpha and promises to give a lot to talk about during all playable tests of the title. As usual, the best players have already unraveled their secrets and brought us the best possible class.

Best AK-74u class for Call of Duty: Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  • Barrel: 9.5 ”Paratrooper
  • MouthpieceMuffler
  • Attachment: Front handle
  • Stock: Sprint pad
  • Handle: Quickdraw

The class comes from the hand of Scump (the capture just above the accessories is from his streaming). The player is always a guarantee when it comes to Call of Duty as it is nothing less than a professional with experience competing since 2012.

When evaluating the weapons, we must bear in mind that it is an alpha version of the game. Although there will not be many changes in the mechanics in the two months that separate us from the launch, the balance adjustments will likely be arriving. Treyarch confesses that they have left some weapons more powerful than others in Cold War to be able to see how they work and be able to adjust the game in the best possible way.

In any case, the AK-74u seems one of the best possible weapons at the moment, and if the situation changes in the future we will be here to tell you about it.

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