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C Programming Language, Concept, Features, Benefits

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If you want to get complete information about the C programming language, then we would like to tell you that you are on the right article. Because in this post we are going to give you complete information about the C programming language. 

This article will give you information about the basic knowledge of C language as well as some advanced functionality of C language. With the help of this article, you can learn C programming easily, so friends, without wasting much time, let’s see directly, what is C programming language, and what is it use for, friends complete C language. You read this article till the end to get the information.

What is C programming language – 

C is a general-purpose high-level programming language. C programming course is used to develop portable applications and firmware. The C programming language is basically design to develop system software and operating systems. C is a high-level programming language, you can learn this language easily and in a very short time.

C Programming language was develop by Dennis Ritchie in the 1970s at Bell Labs. If we talk about the first application of this language, then we would like to tell you, UNIX Operating System is the first application of this programming language, and the main features of this language include low-level access to memory, a simple set of keywords, and Includes clean style. 

Because of these features, this programming language is consider a suitable language for operating system development. At present, there are many such languages, which have been develope after the C language, and these languages ​​follow the same syntax of C, such as PHP, Java, JavaScript, etc.

C is a computer programming language, if we say it in simple words then it is a computer language. By using which your computer understands, what command and what instructions we want to give it. C is a middle-level programming language. It is a Structure Orient Programming Language. 

With the help of this language, you can also create Software, Firmware, and Mobile applications. C is a very useful programming language, this language was mainly develop as a system programming language, for your information, let us tell you that this language is use to write the programs of the operating system.

Benefits of learning C programming language?

There are many benefits of learning the C programming language, some of which are as follows –

  • C programming language is a high-level language.
  • Using this programming language, you can write very efficient programs.
  • You can easily learn the C programming language.
  • If you learn the C programming language, then you will not have any problem learning other computer programming languages.
  • After learning this programming language, you can make both system software and application software of the computer.

C programming language is consider to be the world’s highest level computer language, and this language is very old. C++ programming course is still being used extensively today. With the help of the C programming language, the programmer can easily operate them by writing programs for computers or other machines. 

In today’s time, all the advanced programming languages ​​such as Java, Python, .NET, PHP, Visual Basic JavaScript, etc., all these programming languages ​​are based on C language somewhere, friends, if you learn C programming once. , then it will be quite easy for you to learn all other programming languages.

C is a mid-level programming language, friends, for your information, let us tell you that C Programming supports the features of both High-Level Language and Low-Level Language. Using this programming language, a programmer can create software and web applications. Initially, this language is use for programming in Unix Operating System. 

With the help of this programming language, a programmer can develop both computer application software and operating system software. Writing programs in this language is very easy, using C programming, you can develop mathematical, scientific, business, and system software.

Features of C Programming Language?

The speed of execution of programs made in C Programming Language is very fast.

  • C Programming Language is write in Assembly Language, so this programming language is consider very secure.
  • C programming is very easy to learn because it is in simple English language.
  • Lower Case Letters are use to give commands in C Programming Language.
  • C is a structur programming language, in the C language, a program is make in the form of small pieces, which you and we know as functions.
  • Because of the Library Function of C Programming Language, you can easily develop bigger programs than this.
  • C Programming Language is a programming language in which both system software and application software can create easily without any interruption.
  • C Programming Language is a System Independent Language, which means, you can run programs written in Program C on all computers.
  • The C program follows a control structure, friends, this is the reason why it is call Structure Programming Language.

Basic Concepts of C Programming?

Basic Syntax – C Language is a Structured Programming Language, and this language works from top to bottom. If we say in simple words until the top clear of your program is not execut. Then it cannot come to the bottom. The basic syntax of C programming is as follows: Header, Body, and Code (Statements) combine. These three things to form a basic program.

Functions – In C Programming Language, any program is divided into small pieces. What we call functions. There are some such statements, which are includ in the form of a task, in fact. The collection of these functions makes a C program.

Variable − Variable is the name of memory space, and it is used to store any kind of value in the program, it refers to the variables that are to be used in the function. Please note that in the C program. No variable can be use without declaring it, even in the C program. The variable has to be declare before any operation in function.

Data types – If we talk about data types, then in C programming, the type of data type variable defines and function defines.

Operators − Operators are a symbol, and its job is to tell the compiler whether to perform mathematical operations or logical operations, at this location.

Loops – When you do programming, sometimes such a situation also arises in front of you, when you need to run one line or more lines in your code again and again. In such a situation you can use Loops, Loops is also a kind of programming statement.

Array – Array is used to store a lot of information in a single data type. Arrays are a data type in the C programming language. Which can store data of primitive types, such as int, char, double, float, etc.

Strings − Array of Character in C programming is called Strings, and this String ends with Null Character (\0), character array or string is used to manipulate text like text or sentences, in Array Each character occupies one byte of memory, and the last character must always be 0.

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