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Buying Guide: Things keep in mind while buying a speaker

by Bunty Goswami
Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are among our popular digital accessories these days. With the rising number of interconnected machines and our hectic lifestyles, the most celebrated audio maker JBL focusing on producing lucrative, well-finished portable JBL speakers price of which varies across multiple price points. 

The latest JBL speakers price targets affordability while preserving more features than a regular speaker, focusing on delivering the best audio possible.

Keep in cognizance these vital points before purchasing a portable Bluetooth speaker. To assist you with your selection, we have listed below the points to consider while buying a speaker.

  1. Wireless Range

Most notable Bluetooth speakers present multi-unit pairing, known as daisy-chaining and can remain coherent to a source device impeccably at least 30 feet distance, even through drywall and chattels. JBL speakers price low, but they exhibit daisy-chaining, which can also allow stereo playback. Combine wireless range to it, and you get an excellent portable Bluetooth speaker for indoor and open-air occasions.

  1. Battery life and Health

Nobody solicits a portable speaker that dissipates of charge too quickly, then why would you? opt for the ones like the JBL Flip 5 speaker, which offer over 12 hours of playback, and can even charge other devices. Extensive battery health is imperative if you go outdoors regularly, and the likes of JBL Xtreme 2, JBL go 2, or JBL boombox can last for days of playback!

  1. Separate bass drivers/radiators

Generally, a good speaker utilizes an individual bass radiator, which supports better delivery of bass. It also leaves more room for the primary driver to deliver mellow, crisp midst and steady highs, and the passive radiator drives robust, clear lows. Know from the brand about how the speaker of your choice exudes audio. The JBL charge 4 uses separate bass radiators and provides crystal-clear audio.

  1. Portability and loudness

When purchasing any portable Bluetooth speaker, ensure that it is compact and easily movable. Speakers like JBL Xtreme offer booming sound, but they are a bit big and bulky to be considered portable.

Make sure you check the frequency range while checking for the loudness of the speakers should deliver frequencies between 100Hz and 20,000Hz.

  1. Charging Facility

Having a standard USB charging port is an added convenience, especially when you are outdoors. Most speakers have a Micro-USB port to charge them with power banks.

  1. Bluetooth version

The Bluetooth version defines the audio quality of the speaker. You should look for Bluetooth 4 or better for your speaker as this version maintains a Low Energy profile for improved battery life. Bluetooth 5 is the latest standard with a faster data transmission rate.

Besides all of this, we firmly recommend you visit a store and check how the speaker performs at peak loudness. A portable Bluetooth speaker is a convenient associate for your phone or laptop, but choosing one can sometimes be a daunting task, especially given the number of options in the market. 

You have speakers in all price points, starting from a few hundred rupees straight up to 40,000 INR and beyond. The best way to select a speaker suited for you would be to audition the sound subjectively. It is near impossible to measure how good a speaker is by depending on the specifications solely.

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