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Buy Customized Uber Clone Taxi Booking App Loaded With New Features

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Are you interested in creating an Uber clone app? Read this article to see how this taxi-booking firm can be transformed by incorporating the most up-to-date features.

The ride-sharing business picked up with the advent of Uber.

As a result, the entrepreneur has additional options and chances to enter the on-demand market. With the increased demand for Uber-like Taxi Booking Services, entrepreneurs now have greater options to get into the on-demand transportation market. The convenience of reserving a cab is one of the main reasons why people rely on Uber-like Taxi Booking Apps.

If you are hoping to create an Uber-like app, there’s a good chance you won’t be disappointed. To assist you in developing the Uber Clone Script App, read this article, which focuses on explaining everything from Uber Clone App Features to other areas of its construction.

So, let’s get started………

So Why Develop Uber Clone And Not Any Other App?

The demand for an Uber-like app is high. These days, the urban areas are expanding. There is a variety of reasons why individuals prefer to go by taxi or hire a cab.

The majority of the causes are due to rising levels of pollution in urban areas, longer journey times, and the stress of driving one’s own car, as well as parking challenges.

Despite the fact that several metropolitan cities are now having full-fledged public transportation systems, people still prefer traveling in comfort and hassle-free.

People use a taxi service for all of these reasons because it ensures that they can make a trip from one location to another with great comfort. However, the majority of the consumers today are relying on the best taxi services. Thus, all you need is to provide them with an amazing Uber-like App that helps them with the varied taxi services in the most affordable ways.

How Does Uber Clone Taxi Booking App Solution Work?

The functionalities and the look remain very much similar to that of the Uber App. This is how your users will be booking a taxi with your app:

  • He/she will register themselves with the email id/contact details or use social media account
  • The user then enters the “Where-to” and “Pick-up” details and wait for the app to update with the ride fare.
  • It will calculate the fare either by analyzing the distance or as per the estimated fare whichever the app owner has set.
  • The driver confirms the ride and accepts the ride sending the notifications.
  • Once the user confirms the fare, the ride request is shared with the other drivers in the proximity.
  • The driver reaches the destination for the pickup
  • The driver and user shares the feedback at the end of the trip

Build Custom Taxi Booking App Loaded With New Features

Incorporating the technically advanced features into your Uber Clone Taxi booking Solution is crucial for the success of your ride-sharing business.

The features include:

Taxi Booking iWatch App

Your customers can now use their Apple smartwatches to book taxi rides. The Uber Clone App has a game-changing feature. All your customer needs to do is connect their iPhones to their smartwatches.

Restricted Driver’s Fraud

The feature stops the driver from reporting the status as “Arrived”. Thus, prevents fraud boosting complete transparency within the system.

Location-wise Push-notifications

This functionality allows the administrator to send notifications and alerts to only selected areas. This makes it simple to reach the desired audience.

Cookie Consent

Cookie Consent Popup is displayed to inform users about the use of cookies on your website. It complies with GDPR and the EU Cookie Directive.  So, if you think you don’t need it you can turn it off from the backend.

Using Firebase for Mobile Number Verification

Firebase Authentication is a set of backend services that allows you to validate a user’s phone number and authenticate them. Therefore, it helps save a lot of money by avoiding you using pricey third-party SMS to verify a user’s phone number by using this method.

COVID19 Safety Features

It comes equipped with Safety features that are aligned with the “Social-distancing” ensuring the well-being of both your users and drivers. This includes Facemask verification, Safety ratings, and reviews, Ride cancellation, Safety checklists, Restricted passenger limits.

Hiring The Best Uber Clone App

In every corner today, you will find a taxi booking business running. Thus, to stand out from the rest take advantage of this opportunity of connecting it with a reputed app development company.

Before placing an order, view a live demo and tweak the app’s features and services as needed. Hence, you are okay with the demo you can place the order. The app development team, allowing you to deploy the app in a week, will start the white-labeling procedure.

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