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Build Flutter apps that leave people in awe with these top Flutter packages and plugins

by Sanjay Kidecha
Flutter packages

A few years ago, if you wanted to create an app, you had to learn a programming language like Java or Objective C or use an existing platform like Android or iOS. However, with Flutter, that’s no longer necessary. Flutter is a new mobile development framework that makes it easy to create apps that look and feel like the popular apps on Android and iOS. This growing popularity is due in part to the fact that Flutter is cross-platform and can be used to create mobile games, social media apps, and more.

The top reasons behind Flutter’s popularity are; First, it is a powerful tool that can be used to create beautiful, user-friendly apps that can be deployed quickly and easily. Second, Flutter is a relatively new platform, so developers are still learning how to utilize its capabilities best. Finally, Flutter app development is becoming popular because it offers a unique experience compared to other mobile app development platforms.

Among numerous advantages of Flutter, its lightweight nature, ability to create high-performance applications, and a wide range of Flutter packages and widgets libraries top the list. Speaking of which, here is a list of highly recommended packages and plugins to make your Flutter development journey simple and fun.

List of The Most Useful Flutter Packages 

1 Path_provider

If you have used different operating systems, you know how the file structure differs from one OS to another. You may have seen iOS’s file structure greatly varies from Android’s, Windows, Linux’s, and so on. Consequently, each platform stores temporary files, app documents, and downloaded items differently.

It is where the Path_provider plugin comes to play. The Flutter package offers support for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and macOS and makes it simple to retrieve the location of public or private documents from the platform’s filesystem. 

2 Image_picker

If your app or any feature of your app requires access to the user’s device gallery and camera, Image_picker is a must-use package. It will also enable multiple image selection functionality for your users in your Flutter app. you can use this package for both iOS and Android.

3 Google_maps_flutter

The map is an integral feature for applications that require to enter or to track locations so that users do not need to open another app. And Google_maps_flutter package helps you integrate Google’s reliable map service into your Flutter app for Android and iOS.

4 SQFLite

A self-contained, reliable, and embedded plugin, SQFLite is for SQLite that helps you in data management by working as a database engine and supports both iOS and Android. With the package, you can streamline your data storage in the device’s local database. Not only that, but it also allows you to perform CRUD operations, which stands for creating, deleting, updating, etc. 

5 Fl_chart

Do you want to present massive data in a simple and digestible manner in the app? FL_Chart is an enormous and highly customizable chart library. It allows you to showcase large-size data in engaging and beautiful charts, such as bar charts, pie charts, radar charts, and more. The package is perfect when you create a highly data-intensive app.

6 Firebase_auth

Firbase_auth is a package for Flutter apps to perform OAuth sign-in flows using FirebaseAuth. The plugin supports Apple sign-in for Firebase as well as Android and the web to enable authentication using passwords, phone numbers, or third-party identity providers, including Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The fun part is you can use it for new or even existing Flutter apps.

7 Flutter_webview_plugin

It is one of those plugins that help you sustain your users on your app. As its name suggests, Flutter_webview_plugin facilitates native WebView over the Flutter view for Android and iOS to display WebView on any mobile device. Consequently, your users can visit web pages inside your app rather than be redirected to the device’s browser.

8 Device_info

The device_package is a valuable package that lets you fetch the real-time details of unique Android and iOS device information, including version, identifier, make, and more. Using this package, you can learn precise details on streaming devices.

9 Location 

You can do many things with your users’ real-time location details, for example, displaying specific content, running marketing campaigns, calculating accurate distance, showing exact directions, and more. But to fetch real-time location from Android and iOS devices, you will need the Location plugin.

10 Url_launcher

Url_launcher plugin for Flutter makes your app capable of launching mail, dialer, map, web browser, and more. The package supports web, SMS, email schemes, and phone.

11 Flame

For game developers, Flame can be a game-changer for your Flutter game app. The package is said to take full advantage of Flutter’s powerful infrastructure to offer easy-to-use game-building solutions as well as simplify the code you will need to write.

12 Hive 

Another helpful database package, Hive, is lightweight and provides a blazing-fast NoSQL database for Dart and Flutter apps. The package is easy-to-use and written in pure Dart to enable offline data storage on local devices as well as manipulating it on a device without numerous relations.

13 Cloud_firestore

Cloud_firestore is an adaptable cloud storage plugin for databases that grants you access to the Firebase Cloud Firestore. The plugin supports web, mobile, and server app development and uses real-time listeners to keep your data in sync across different platforms. 

Moreover, your app will also be able to read, write, and react to modifications in Firestore, even if the network connection is weak, as it also offers offline support.

14 Flutter_bloc

Flutter_bloc is state management for Flutter apps to implement the business logic component – BLoC design pattern. To put it simply, it lets you separate business logic from the User Interface. Consequently, with this package, you can decompose your app’s state into well-defined state machines that transform events into zero, one, or multiple states.

15 Coverage

It provides code coverage that generates a report revealing how your tests are covered by accumulating data from every local package into one single project-wide data file. It is a Dart package that lets you ensure each code line is verified and performing as expected. Moreover, you can also collect (even from Dart VM), manipulate, and format coverage data. 

16 Flutter_gen

Usually, you must reference assets (images, fonts, animations, configuration files, etc.) using path strings in your Flutter app, which carries risk since a wrong asset path can cause an assertion error.

That is why there is Flutter_gen. It is a code generator that lets you generate compile-safe asset references without running into assertion errors, using colors, fonts, and more. With the package, you can quickly generate asset references without running into assertion errors.

17 Connectivity

Connectivity is a cross-platform plugin to check the status of the network connectivity on Android and iOS. It can also distinguish between cellular and WiFi networks on a device using the Flutter Connectivity plugin, even if the device is not connected to the Internet.

Build Flutter apps that keep them talking!

Flutter is becoming more popular because it is a fast, efficient, and fun app development platform. It is perfect for creating mobile apps that look and feel modern, and above all, you can use it to build apps for both major platforms, i.e., Android and iOS, and more.

Using the curated Flutter packages and plugins will add more ease to your app development as well as maintenance. But do not forget to hire Flutter developers with exceptional creativity to leverage the framework fully.

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