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Boost Your Taxi Business By Launching Uber Clone App

by Anita Shah
uber clone app

In today’s fast-paced life, everybody needs some sort of transportation to go to certain places. Many years ago, several people depended on public transports which were very economical. Along with the development of the world, technology also developed and individuals began having their own vehicles. And now, many years passed after technological advancement, there are still many people who want to travel and all probably won’t have their own vehicles, and thus, they have started to book a taxi or cab for this. But, people found difficulties in getting taxis at the right time and that is why they have to depend on some other mode of transportation. This is where business-minded people start thinking of giving them perfect solutions in a digitalized way. It assists customers to book a taxi easily.

This is an on-demand taxi booking app concept that provides customers with a hassle-free ride.

So, now you are curious to know more about the app, right? keep reading.

The Uber clone app operates in 3 different sections:

  1. Customer app
  2. Driver app
  3. Admin panel

Benefits to customers:

  • Not struggle to chase a taxi
  • Service available 24*7
  • Security
  • Pricing lucidity
  • Apps available free
  • Flexible payment modes (credit/debit cards, in-app wallet or cash)
  • Cost-effective
  • Available at emergency time

Now, let’s start with its features.

The essential features to include in the Uber clone app:

Social media login – Users can easily register through mobile number or email id or log in directly through social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. This assists customers to login in no time.

Booking a ride – After successful login, users can book a ride by entering pickup and drop-off locations.

Estimated fare – With this feature, an estimated fare is displayed once the user booked a ride.

GPS navigation – This feature finds the pick-up location of the customer by itself. This allows to helps the customer to track the driver in real-time.

In-app chat/call – Customers can communicate with the driver via in-app chat or by calling if the driver found it difficult to find the customer’s location.

Cancel booking – The application comes with a feature that let customers can cancel their ride in case of any change in the plans.

Now let’s go through the working of the Uber clone app:

Sign up: After downloading the app from Play Store or App Store, the customers can logging in with their email ID or any social media accounts.

Request for pick-up: After login, the customer can search for the type of vehicle, enters the pick-up and drop-off location to book a taxi.

Booking confirmation: The customer’s request is notified to the nearby driver. The driver has the option to either accepts or rejects the ride request. If the driver accepts the request, the booking is confirmed and notification will be sent to the customers.

Pick-up: The drivers start to pick up the customer. On the other side, customers can see the driver’s real-time location on the map.

Ride: After arriving at the customer’s location, the ride begins with an OTP verification.

Fare generation: On completion of the ride, the driver updates it in the application. The ride charge is automatically generated and notified by both the customer and driver.

Payment: The customers can pay the ride via credit/debit cards, eWallets, cash, or any payment method.

To sum up

Through taxi booking app development, you can easily earn revenue and boost your taxi business online. Now you have all the information about app workflow, what features to include, and its benefits. If you are an owner of the traditional taxi business, then you must consider developing your own Uber clone app to uplift your business and ROI.

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