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Best Windows Backup Software for 2022 (Free and Paid Version)

by anyabaker15

Needless to say, it is necessary to protect data from getting corrupt or being hacked. Backing up data or protecting it is an important and necessary task for both organizational and individual users. While most of us rely on saving the data in an external hard drive the latest and most secure method is to use backup software for Windows 10.

Storage devices or external hard drives are susceptible to hardware issues and hence can lead to data loss, Moreover, in cases of hacking, where hackers steal your data and encrypt it and ask you for a certain ransom is also a painful task.

Hence, it is suggested that you backup your data at an important location where your data is kept secure and safe. This is where the need for the best backup software for Windows 10 arises.

This article walks you through some of the best Best Free/Paid File Backup Software for Windows that protects your data from sudden crashes, data loss, ransomware attacks, hardware issues, etc.

Best Windows Backup Software for 2022 (Free and Paid Version)

  1. Right Backup:

Right Backup from Systweak Software stands at number position in the list of backup software for Windows. Right Backup is available on multiple platforms like Mac, Windows, iOS as well as Android and can be accessed from the application or the web directly.

It is available in both paid and free versions, where the free version allows the user to backup files up to the size of 100 MB. Right Backup is a simple tool and provides two different backups namely, Custom and Smart Backup.

Smart Backup is an automatic backup where all the important files like, documents, audios, videos, etc, are backed up automatically on the cloud storage.

Custom backup allows the user to select the files he may want to backup. The backup restoration is also available as a smart and custom restore.

Right Backup also provides incremental backup.

  1. EaseUS ToDo Backup:

This is yet another effective backup software for Windows that has been used and loved by millions of users for almost a decade now. EaseUS ToDo Backup is available for both Windows and Mac and provides services to individual users, service providers, and organizations.

It allows users to take a full backup or an incremental backup and also supports the backup of data on cloud storage.

EaseUS ToDo Backup is available as a free and paid version for both home users and business users.

  1. Acronis True Image:

Our list of best backup software for Windows 10 cannot be complete without mentioning Acronis True Image.

Based upon the latest technology, the backup software allows the user to store data both on a local driver as well as cloud storage simultaneously. Another standout feature of Acronis True Image is that it allows you to clone and mirror data.

It is also equipped with an anti-ransomware feature that not only detects ransomware attacks but is also capable of reversing the encryption thereby keeping your data safe and secure.

This backup software is subscription-based and the one-year plan provides anti-ransomware protection. In case you need the cloud backup, users need to upgrade to the Advanced plan.

In addition, the Premium plan is the one that offers 5TB of storage along with a digital signature that makes the saved data even more secure.

  1. Paragon Backup & Recovery:

Paragon Backup & Recovery is a simple to use backup software that lets users create backups and store them securely. It comes with a Create Backup Job wizard that guides the user about how to create the backup and even where it is stored.

Paragon Backup & Recovery allows you to create all sorts of backups including automated backup.

With Paragon Backup and Recovery you can even recover data when your PC ceases to boot. It lets you reboot the PC using the bootable pen drive, or a bootable CD, fix the issue, and even recover the data. Isn’t that great! This is one feature that makes it necessary to add this nifty tool to our list of best backup software for windows 10.

It is available for home users and organizations.

  1. Comodo Backup:

Finding its place in the list of backup software for Windows 10, Commode Backup is equipped with ample amazing features.

Comodo Backup is capable of taking the backup of registry files, backup email accounts, registry entries, and backup of files and folders, and other data. Other than this, it can also back up entire disks, partitions, browser data, etc. With so many benefits, Comodo Backup has been loved by millions of users across the globe.

It also provides backup restoration with the help of a software wizard and the restore can be done at the original location.

  1. Everyday Auto Backup:

This is indeed the easiest of so far and allows users to backup data with minimal effort. With Everyday Auto Backup, users can easily remove the subfolders and sort the subfolders individually for easy access and understanding.

Data loss is inevitable and when it happens we feel handicapped. Whatever may be the reason, a ransomware attack, or a hardware failure, losing data is painful and no one wants that to happen.

If you too are scared of losing your data, read the article and learn about the best backup software for Windows 10 and keep your data safe and secure from the reach of hackers.


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