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Best Web Portals: Top and Popular Types of Web Portals in 2021

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In 2020, The online presence of any business is considered very important to stay competitive in today‘s world.  For example, 96% of the customers from the world expect the online portfolio for their brand, so they can easily know about the business vision, mission, products, services, and the most important thing where they are selling their services.  Today, there are modern and huge web portals found on the internet. A modern web portal can be considered as a superior website or a high-traffic website, having a large range of blogs, services, and products available. While a  single web interface application is going to provide clients access to a different variety of data and services. All the web development portals can have great functionality and interactive platforms, having great capabilities for various industries including education, retail, consumer goods, telecommunication, public sector, banking, and other financial services. Let’s discuss this in detail about Web development services and the common types of web portals. 

B2C Web Portal 

Developing an e-commerce platform can be considered a B2C web portal. An ecommerce website is built for online shopping That is aimed to create the best buying experience possible. Basically, this helps to build the purchasing journey from awareness of the product to finalizing the purchase. Go to the website of SW3 Solutions and explore the ecommerce development services. 

B2B Web Portal 

A B2B portal deals with the purchase and sales of expensive products, other than the B2C web portals. B2B portal includes the buyer-owned portal, a supplier portal, and the online marketplace that brings the different buyers and vendors on a single platform. But in B2B web portals, there is a long journey of buying and selling the products, so that’s why these portals have personalization and different collaboration capabilities. So technology is playing an important role nowadays. 

Self-Services Web Portal 

A service portal (self-service portal) can be a web-based platform that can collect the information and functionality from the different users and many other sources to enable the many users for self-service or self-help. The most common examples of the service portals can be employee self-service portal, customer self-service portal for their queries, govt service portal, and many other patient portals. 

Partnership  Web Portal 

Partnership portals are designed when there is a need to sell the services and products via indirect channels. A partner web portal helps to manage the relations with partners on a commission basis and convince them to sell more products and services. 

eLearning Web Portal 

Currently, if we discuss eLearning web portals, then these are in huge demand nowadays. People are highly intent to move their traditional activities into a digital platform. In the online marketplace of business: many companies are working on the eLearning platforms and building school management system that would help to save the money or the time that they need to spend on the in-house training of new or the many existing employees and the students. 

Community web portals 

A community portal is used to increase the awareness of the brand and its visibility. It is also another way to do a survey, to come to know what your audience thinks about the products and services of the company. 

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