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Best Ways To Update Dell Bluetooth Driver – Windows 11,10

by mariya

If you are not able to connect your bluetooth device with your Dell computer, the problem could be in the driver. Yes, there are device drivers for every physical device on your computer. This is the software  which lets your device communicate with the operating system. Here, we are facing problems in the Dell computer and its bluetooth, therefore let’s learn how to update bluetooth drivers.

There are various ways to fix Bluetooth driver issues on Dell. Here in this article we will solve your problem by telling you the best ways to update bluetooth drivers.

Various methods to update Dell Bluetooth driver –

We will start with the easiest methods available and then go to the other methods used to fix bluetooth drivers issues on Dell.

1. Use Automatic driver updater

Driver updaters are the software used on Windows PC to help you update the outdated and corrupted drivers. Using a driver updater tool is the fastest way & update the Dell Bluetooth driver on your computer. For this process here we use one of the fastest and reliable driver updaters – Advanced Driver Updater. In this process we will tell you how to use this tool to update Dell bluetooth drivers.

Advanced Driver Updater is an automatic driver updater which is used to update various drivers on your computer. As the tool has a large database of latest device drivers on it, this is a much easier option to update drivers. It comes with the option to take a backup of the device drivers in case you require them to restore them. It also allows you to schedule a scan to regularly scan your computer for any outdated drivers. This is a one click wonder which will run the scan, show you the summary and with just one click on your command updates all of the outdated drivers on PC. With its help the bluetooth driver will be updated in the following steps –

Step a. Download and install Advanced Driver Updater.
Step b. Launch the application and then click on Start Scan Now.

This will initiate the process of scanning the entire computer. It will look for the outdated drivers and make a list of them to show in the summary.

Step c. In this section, you will see the Scan Summary which will show you the present state of the drivers. It will also show the Outdated remark on the device drivers needing the update.

Step d. Now, you can search for the Dell bluetooth driver in this list to fix bluetooth driver issues on Dell.

As you see the bluetooth driver click on the Update button in front of it.

2. Use manual driver updater –

Using the Device Manager on the computer can also help in updating the device drivers. Follow these steps –

Step a. Open Device Manager.
Step b. Go to the list and click on Bluetooth.
Step c. Here you will see multiple options for the devices, click on Dell Bluetooth and then  right click on it. It will show you options and you have to go to the Update driver.

Step d. This will open a new window and you need to follow the steps shown on it update the device drivers manually.

3. Use Dell Website –

When you are looking for how to update a bluetooth driver, this is also one of the methods. In this we go to the manufacturer’s official website, which has the latest updates available for the device drivers generated by them. This way you can easily find the latest version for the bluetooth driver on the computer and update it. Follow the steps to fix bluetooth  driver issues on Dell.

Step a. Go to the official website of Dell Support.
Step b. From here head to the Drivers & Downloads page.
Step c. Click on the Identify your product and enter a Dell model number.
Step d. If you are not sure about your product number just click on browse All products. And from here search for your Dell laptop.

Step e. Now click on the Check for updates. It will automatically resolve your issues related to outdated drivers on your computer.
Step f. You can also search for the drivers on the website manually. You must have a little information on the product for this step. As you enter the details it will show you the driver updates available.

Step g. Download the relevant driver and then restart your computer to see the changes.

Conclusion –

So, this is how you can easily fix bluetooth driver issues in Dell. These are the best ways to update bluetooth drivers. However, the methods available above which require manual work seem hard, therefore we recommend you to use the Advanced Driver Updater. It is the best and easiest method which requires less time and effort.

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