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Best ways to start and grow your blog

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Best ways to start and grow your blog

In this article, you will learn how to start and grow your blog from scratch.

While starting blog, most people wonder about many things like whether to choose WordPress, HTML, WIX, or Squarespace? what are the best plugins for SEO? How can I make my blog look better than others?

Howbeit, these are the wrong questions to wonder about If you wish to grow your blog!

You don’t to be too much worried about the themes and plugins.

Then what else matters?

Let us look at the best ways to start and grow blogs.

Blog’s positioning

You need to consider your blog’s positioning a priority.

If you launch your blog with the general idea that’s all over the web, you are more likely to fail even before you get any teeny tiny sign of progress.

Instead, you could position your blog as a resource for topics in your niche.

If your blog is brand new or you wish to get more traction from your existing blog, you need to pick one topic in your niche and only cover that topic for at least three to four months.

And then as your blog position grows, you can then step into other topics.

Power post

Now that your blog positioning is good, as a next step, you need to concentrate on creating a content around that niche.

Now, this should not be something you write like any other content already on the web. It must be powerful.

Your content should something that makes anybody who reads it say wow.

Step up your design

When someone lands on your website, they judge your credibility based on the design first and then look at the content.

Based on research, a website with design issues can have a negative impression and could lead to the mistrust of a website.

If you wish people to take your blog seriously, it needs to have a professional design. And it doesn’t mean you should have some fancy design for your website, it just has to be professional and matches your blog positioning.

Besides focusing on the quality of your content, you need to work on the design as well.

Origin story

When you have an origin story, your blog will stand out.

Your origin story will help your blog to stick in the minds of your readers. So give it a shot. Write a little origin story.

You could write about where you were before starting your blog, what made you create the blog, and the major problem that you are trying to solve.

Post promotional plan

Most people publish a post, share it on social media and then wait for the traffic to role in. However, this doesn’t work out.

You need to use twenty-eighty principle.

Spend twenty percent of your time creating content and eighty percent of time promoting the content. With this approach, you would be able to grow traffic to your website even if it is brand new.

How to promote a content?

There are two strategies for promoting your blog content. First, you can use pre outreach.

In pre outreach, you will send email to people about your upcoming blog.

In this kind of email, you will not ask them to share about your blog post as it is not yet been published and instead ask them respectfully if they would to be notified when it is published.

This will boost your conversion rate.

Share with email subscribers

With your email subscribers, you get a massive response for your emails when compared with the response shown for a post you publish on any social media channel.

For your email campaign to be successful, you need a well-built email list.

Build your email list

If you want your email to be opened when a person search his inbox, then you should build your email list properly.

You can collect email addresses with opt-in forms on your blog and then use email lookup tools like to find the correct email addresses of your prospects.

Final thoughts

With the actionable steps shared in this article, you will now be able to work towards drawing thousands of millions of people to your blog.

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