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Best Shopify Themes for 2021 to Help You Sell More

by cartcoder123

As we are moving towards 2022, online shopping has been the most fascinating thing among both consumers and businesses. Consumers get more options to try out and shop as per their convenience instead of being restricted to their store trading hours. The major benefit is customers can search for products that might not be available at one of their local stores. For business owners, e-commerce platforms allow them to reach more customers.

Since 2019, the covid pandemic has helped the online business to grow even more. It feels like we are living in the bubble of a post-pandemic world. We believe it’s prime time to expand your reach and create an online website. Shopify is one of the third most popular e-commerce platforms that have multiple apps to upg5rade your online business with great flexibility.

There is no place for trust issues with Shopify because many big giants in the industry such as Tesla Motors, Pepsi uses it. However, it’s very simple to use and beneficial for SMEs too.

Today, in this blog we have compiled a list of the best Shopify Themes for 2021 to help you sell more:


If you have an idea to build an online store like an Amazon-inspired empire, then this is the best choice for selling great catalogs. It helps your store to boast an attractive and modern layout that perfect for stores selling products.

Empire has great features like; drop-down menus, built-in social icons, live search bar, and advanced product filtering, etc. eventually helping you to sell more.


If you can’t decide which Shopify Theme Development Services to get, Split is one of the ideal choices. It allows you to set high-resolution images of your product throughout your website. Hence, it has two menu options and three styles to fit in with your brand’s unique design.


If you want to make your website look classic and standout in the market, Brooklyn is a free clothing customized theme for your fashion stores. As the classic style is more neutral while its playful theme boasts brighter colors. Overall, it’s very versatile and clean, the minimalistic design will work well with modern stores.


Ever wonder why Porto has been one of the most popular Shopify themes for years? Because it provides an excellent user experience. You can virtually create a website of your choice with a wide range of industries as it boasts several easy-to-change layouts.


If you are one of the aesthetics line-up businesses, then Ella is the best intuitive theme for your website. As it has several color combos to ensure your layout that will make your products even more attractive. One of the major benefits is the multifunctional feature that offers multiple stylish templates making it one of the best choices for any type of business.


Fastor is no different from Ella in terms of the multifunctional Shopify theme. Plus, it is easily customizable and can set up your store in no time at all.


Venture Shopify theme helps you to sell for outdoor activities. It is helpful to sell a wide range of products. Although the pages are uncluttered, it will try to showcase all your product categories on your home page. It provides you the feature of enormous banners as an ideal for advertising your business’s different selling proposition. You can use this theme free with lots of prominent features.


The icon will help your business to mark new success with a slideshow feature to display multiple products. It allows you to use high-resolution images. It will emphasize the importance of your product images and helps to increase your sales as well.Flex:

Flex is all about flexibility and provides you more access to design your store. It is a customizable theme that empowers you to design online stores. It has 12 pre-made layouts for editing colors and fonts. The other great features it has are different header and footer styles, drop-down menus, and add-to-cart animation.


Well, it is one of the most beautiful themes you will work with super versatility. It allows you to meet a wide range of purposes with impressive layout features. It has a filter feature as per price and brand, the home page slideshow for displaying multiple products, and much more.


The narrative is one of the best choices for startups that are selling only a few products or services. It provides you a full-screen video with an auto-play function on your home page for an immersive experience to keep your customers engaged. It is a free theme with 4 styles and a variety of colors. All in one it takes visual storytelling to a whole new level so that you can unfold the story behind your brand.

Last words:

It’s difficult to choose a good theme for the success of your online store. Look through the above prominent themes and wisely decide whether it fits all your store requirements. Cartcoders is the top Shopify Theme Development Company, our Expertise helps us to give your e-commerce store a special and advanced environment.

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