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Best Audio Recording Software: Top 5 Picks for 2022

by anyabaker15

The evolution of the Windows operating system has added a lot of advanced features. The inbuilt voice recorder is yet to be evolved with advanced recording features. You can record audio for taking quick notes, recording voice calls, or adding a small voiceover. If you need professional recording, you will need to make use of the best audio recorder software for Windows. We have tried, tested, compared and reviewed the best recorders for computers and listed our top 5 pics for 2022. You can explore Top 10 Audio Recorders for Windows 10 for more options.

1.  Audacity

2.  WavePad

3.  Adobe Audition

4.  Ocenaudio

5.  Wavosaur


Platform: Windows / Mac / Linux

Price: FREE

Audacity is one of the free audio recorders for computers that is compatible with Windows 11 and earlier versions, macOS, and Linux operating systems. It is an open-source cross-platform audio recorder that has an inbuilt multi-track audio editor to edit your voice records. It has tons of features yet comes with a simple user interface for easy navigation.

Audacity allows you to easily connect and configure external audio recording devices, mic, or audio mixers. You can easily record, edit or mix audio tracks to your best satisfaction. The inbuilt equalizers will help you customize voice nodes, adjust bass and treble. A clear interface helps you observe and track frequency analysis.


Platform: Windows

Price: FREE / $250 for Commercial License

WavePad is professional recording software for Windows to record and edit audio for professional use. It supports over 50 plus audio formats including VOX, WMA, GSM, AU, FLAC, AIF, OGG, and real audio. You can record, cut, copy, edit, trim, split audio tracks and perform audio restoration like noise reduction or click and pop removal. It has an advanced toolbar that lists frequently used features on the top. You can open multiple interfaces at the same time.

WavePad also comes with advanced editing tools like spectral analysis, FFT and TFFT to offer advanced music editing effects like amplify, normalize, equalize and do a lot more with your creativity. It also allows you to perform batch processing and edit multiple audio files at once. The commercial license adds up multiple advanced editing features to explore your creativity.

Adobe Audition

Platform: Windows / Mac

Price: FREE / $20.99 Per Month

Adobe doesn’t require any introduction for its pool of creative products. Adobe Audition is one of the best audio recorder software for Windows and MacOS. It is one of the favourites of sound engineers and highly recommended for professional use. You can integrate multiple audio clips in a single file, create audio files in different audio formats, or repair audio breaks with advanced editing effects.

Adobe Audition is an audio recorder with a robust multi-track display to easily record, edit, mix, or restore your audio files. It has an integrated sound panel to add the best oomph effect to the audio files. It has great features to work on multiple tracks, create podcasts, add voiceover and clear your audio files. Sound engineers can also go for an annual subscription at a reduced cost.


Platform: Windows / Mac / Linux

Price: FREE

Ocenaudio is a FREE audio recorder for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. It is a smart recording and editing solution for new users to record their podcast, voiceover, and voice notes. It has a great user interface offering advanced audio effects that you can apply and preview on a real-time basis. It allows you to select and edit multiple parts of a single audio file at the same time.

Ocenaudio allows you to read, edit, listen or apply effects on multiple audio strings at the same time. It is a cross-platform audio recorder and editor that can read multiple audio file formats. You can simply download and install this recording software for Windows, Mac, and Linux and start your recording/editing task right away.


Platform: Windows

Price: FREE

Wavosaur is again a FREE recording software for Windows that can also support earlier versions of Windows like Windows XP or Vista. You can record and edit multiple audio files in a single interface. There are different editing effects like cut, copy, paste, flip, trim, fade in/out, invert, reverb, normalize and more. It has some old school looks but it masters the advanced editing features.

You can also make use of advanced editing features like pitch shift, resample, batch processing, or import/export files. Pro users can create loop points, vocal removal, VST processing, frequency analyzer, audio slicing, avail ASIO support, adjust output sample rate and do a lot more. You can adjust bitrate, KHz, and adjust the sample rate of multiple audio file formats.

Summing Up

Here in this article on the best recording software for Windows, we have tried tested, compared and reviewed the best audio recorder software of 2021 and listed the ones that you can use in 2022. We have listed free and paid audio recorders that can offer advanced audio recording solutions. Professional audio editors and sound engineers can make use of the premium version to add advanced editing effects to their sound work. Explore your creativity with the best audio recorder software for 2022.

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