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Best 6 WordPress plugins for your podcast

by sophiataylor

Audio and video have taken the online world by storm. From clubhouse, to Instagram reels, this form of content is proving to be very popular and a hit. Podcasting is also been touted as the new form of blogging. They are similar to radio, but not quite radio because these are audio files that can be saved, downloaded and heard to as per the listeners convenience.

The growing empire of podcasts:

Podcasts have been catching up. More so because most people enjoy listening to something as they go through their routine humdrum, learn new things or catch up with something. This is also the idea behind audio books. But the popularity of podcasting is largely because of the connect it allows with your target audience, and the audio is known to be a trigger of the most pleasant memories at a deep level.

And podcasting kind of complements writing, so it is but natural that WordPress, which was a blogging platform originally have forayed into podcasting, explain a top digital marketing company in Hyderabad.

But do you need a website to host a podcast – no. Should you though? No again.

You must consider having a website linked to your podcast because it helps boost its reach and popularity. Consider a first time listener stumbling across your podcast on spotify. Chances are he may listen to a random episode, and then look up for some content that may establish your identity or give a background and then go on and listen to the other episodes.

That takes us to our core agenda – let us list out some of the most amazing WordPress plugins for your podcast.

Power press:

Developed by podcasters for podcasters this is a comprehensive plugin to create, host and maintain your podcast. We like how this plugin has a simple mode, that introduces you to the world of podcasting. Once you get a fair idea, and a foothold you can explore the advanced mode.

You have the option of creating subscription to your podcasts through he plugin, and it also offers SEO tools for specific podcast applications like spotify, stitchr, apple podcasts or google podcasts. It is a great multi podcast support plugin, which means you can host and connect to all of them from one single page. It is a free plugin and it also has an option to host on YouTube!

Buzz sprout:

Apart from the whacky name, we like buzz sprout because it is a simple and easy to use plugin. Once you install it on your WordPress site, it also enables you to embed episodes onto a post or a webpage like an audio file. It also optimizes your audio file, and with buzz-sprout you can schedule your upload/posts, or do a live podcast. Plus it has a plethora of directories that your podcast can feature in – Apple and google podcasts, iheartradio, spotify, stitcher, castro and so many more.

Go take your podcasts to uncharted territories and win herats with your voice! It is free for upto 2 hours of audio uploads per month, and can be bought at a paid version if you wish to upload more content.

Simple Podcast Press:

This is another simple plugin we totally recommend. It is a license based purchase, with a single license at 67$, but is totally worth it. Simple Podcast Press creates a separate page for every episode including images or content you have uploaded. It is compatible with all popular podcasting libraries, and it helps you display all the podcasts on your Wordpress site.

Smart Podcast Player:

This is a plugin that works like a blogger friendly tool – it helps with the analytics, and captures email addresses too. This is a paid plugin and has various features. It has a smart track player where you can highlight the best part of your podcast like a sound clip. The widget also enables you to listen, download or share the podcast from the wordpress site itself through a web based audio player. But the most endearing feature of this Smart Podcast player is a floating bar that you can drag along your screen, and stays in the background with a display of currently playing episode.

Podlove podcast publisher:

This free plugin can help create a structured library of all your podcasts. Plus it has analytics. So with this plugin you will find out about how well received your latest episode was, how many downloads you have got, or where people stopped listening, or how many people heard the episode on which application or web version. This is a great plugin that helps you create, manage and publish a podcast onto all the leading podcast apps including stitcher, apple and google podcasts, spotify and so many more. It also offers customized templates, so you can have your podcast website your way.

Raffle Press:

This is not exactly a plugin that helps you create and upload podcasts, but rather helps you gain traffic and engage with your listeners through fun giveaways. You can create contests and send them to your listener lists in seconds. All you have to do is pick, choose, drag and drop. It also enables a integration with your email lists and helps enhance subscriptions. This is a free plugin, and is sort of like the marketing tool for podcasts!

The podcast craze is catching up. People are listening more to everything online and this is more than streaming songs. There is a captive audience for everything under the sun, and if you are passionate about something that you want the whole world to know about, podcasting is your jam, say leaders from a leading WordPress development company in Hyderabad. Wake up to the power of podcasts and let these plugins help you

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