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Best 10 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies Your Business Should Be Using

by alexjone

Even before the COVID-19 situation hit the market, e-commerce businesses have been witnessing wonderful growth. However, due to the pandemic, a large portion of consumers had to adapt to online shopping. And it led the e-commerce market to reach booming levels in an instant. Previously, it would have taken a few more years. In recent times, even those who were averse to online buying- started to join in, boosting its demand.

We can expect that these people will continue to buy online even after the pandemic gets over. But if your customers pour in your e-commerce business, you have to bring your brand in front of them. If potential prospects don’t know about your brand, they will definitely go to your competitors. So, looking for a marketing recruitment agency Dubai will be the right step for your e-commerce marketing. A professional agency knows how to accelerate your business steadily.

In order to make your brand stand out, you have to go ahead and beyond your previous e-commerce marketing game. You need the best e-commerce strategies to play out exponentially, boosting your e-commerce business. Here are few successful e-commerce marketing strategies that will drive explosive growth in your business:

Elevate Ecommerce SEO

Have you wondered- how people can find products online to buy? Most people head to a search engine, enter their query and browse through the results. This is how people now shop online. Therefore, good search engine optimization (SEO) is extremely crucial for improved marketing strategy.

You would want any search engine to display your products before the products of your competitors when consumers search for a product. Can you tell how often you can scroll down the search results page or visit the second page of search results? The chances are very less or not at all. When a product comes on the first page of the search result, it gives a huge boost to the business page, leading to winning a rank.

Focus On Ecommerce Content Marketing

We know that SEO is important, but we have to put the SEO-infused strong text at someplace to make it count. If we use the SEO into short product descriptions on a bare page, it won’t help to come up on search results. Therefore, you have to invest in content. A key way of ensuring a high rank on search engines is content-driven e-commerce that brings your brand before more prospects.

But what you think about “content”? Content can be anything, so it may seem like a vague term. You may have heard that “content is king,” but what’s that to do with e-commerce growth? There are some strategies that e-commerce businesses should take for content development. Product page content, blogging, ebooks and visual guides, video content, etc., are all examples of content that are beneficial for e-commerce sites.

Marketing Recruitment Agency Dubai Use Smart Email Marketing

With SEO and content marketing, your website will attract many consumers; but most of them won’t buy immediately. Therefore, you have to create a continuous point of contact with them to turn non-buyers into potential customers in no time. If you become successful in your quest, you may get them as brand loyalists too. But to achieve continuity, smart email marketing comes into the scene. That’s why marketing recruitment agency Dubai has professionals who know the secret of leveraging email marketing.

If you already own an established e-commerce site, you may already do email marketing. Monthly newsletters, and seasonal promotions, etc. maybe already a part of your e-commerce marketing strategy. But if you want to boost sales, you have to include few more things into your email marketing strategies. The strategies include an email collection system, setting up the e-commerce marketing automation, sending holiday and promotional emails with offers, etc.

Invest In PPC Advertising

When you integrate optimal SEO into your marketing strategy, it won’t charge you any dime. But it has a flip side as it may take longer to work while you have put so much effort into it. You are glad that there’s another potential way to bridge the gap by implementing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

PPC is a wonderful strategy for bringing your products in front of consumers fast. You can buy ad space via networks like Bing and Google. PPC ensures that people reach your products and niche when they search for relevant terms. Of course, you have to make a flexible PPC strategy from the beginning to see the product boosts.

Marketing Recruitment Agency Dubai Leverages Social Media

Every e-commerce business should be aware of the importance of social media. When a brand has an engaging social media presence and interacts with its followers interestingly, it boosts brand engagement and loyalty. But there is a huge limitation in it as you get to communicate with your followers only. However, boosting social media ads on various channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can expand your reach. So, the brand presence can influence more people who are not familiar with the brand yet.

Use Shopping Campaigns For Selling Products

Less be honest, not everyone will make an immediate purchase, even if they search for a product and come to your site. Most people intend to buy products later and just check out sellers before it. Still, they are potential prospects to bring to your site; you just have to retarget them to boost the chance of a conversion. But can you reach out to people with the high intention of the immediate purchase at the moment of search?

It makes way for Google and Bing Shopping campaigns. With these campaigns, users will see more detailed product listings that include price, images, etc. And these ads will directly take them to your page when they click the ads. Shopping ads attract the immediate buyers strongly to make the purchase.

Shopping campaigns can convert at higher rates with better ROI than the other PPC ads. Therefore, to attain greater ROI, one has to approach the shopping campaigns cleverly. You have to create the best campaign structure, add product feed optimization, and use negative keywords properly. Also, the right bidding strategy and ongoing optimization play their role in selling products at higher rates.

Marketing Recruitment Agency Dubai Knows Important Of Landing Page

Most e-commerce PPC campaigns send the traffic straight to the product page of their brand site. Though it is not a mistake, it still comes with its own pitfalls. Of course, it is the easiest and most low-effort solution to direct shoppers immediately to product pages. But studies show that the conversion rate is lower from product pages.

But why is it not the best solution? Product pages contain various distractions like related products, navigation bars, and some more things. All of these can get into the way of what the shopper is looking to buy. They may feel distracted seeing the related products or click away by not buying.

For driving conversation, you have to create smart and engaging ecommerce landing pages. An e-commerce landing page is a custom-made page that shows the individual product and also guides the visitor to take the next steps. A good landing page should intrigue a visitor, telling them why the products are valuable. When you contact a professional marketing recruitment agency Dubai, they can take care of creating a custom-designed landing page.

Advertising On Amazon

When it comes to e-commerce marketing, we can’t ignore the importance of Amazon. Many e-commerce businesses feel it will be miserable to compete with Amazon. After all, how can a smaller business take on a huge company with such reach and market share right? The reality is you won’t have to compete at all; instead, you can use a clever strategy of using Amazon advertising. Amazon’s popularity will work for your brand’s advantage.

Social Proof Builds Trust

Humans are social species, and they can’t live without interaction. It is a truth that’s relevant since we were apes. Most of the time, we take our first stance at something from others in our life. It dictates whether or not we trust something or not. As an e-commerce brand, your most crucial step will be leveraging the social nature of humans. Therefore, creating social media proofs of your brand will make people trust your business more.

Optimize Your Website For Conversion Rate Boost

Firstly, the site design has to be smooth and enjoyable for the visitors but not slow to load. So, it should have a quick response time so that visitors don’t leave the site due to long loading times. Apart from that, the landing page should be smart to guide the visitors to take immediate action to make the purchase. When a site or page is completely optimized, it boosts the conversion rate.


Using any of the above tips will boost the conversion rate of your e-commerce marketing. But when you use multiple ones or all of the strategies together, it will boost the reach even more. You can definitely choose a professional and experienced marketing recruitment agency Dubai to do the job for you. A reputed agency will surely be able to boost your business in less time.

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