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BEE certification: What is the role of the one who issues this certificate?

by surajrajwanshi99
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BEE certification is something you need on a mandatory basis to tell your customers that your electrical appliance consumes less energy. Bureau of Energy Efficiency is the body that issues this license only if your appliance follows the BEE standards.

What is the purpose of Bureau of Energy Efficiency? Does it only extend to providing the BEE certification process? What is BEE certification anyway? These are the questions are often asked about this topic. Let us answer them for you, but in reverse order.

What is BEE certification?

Ever since the consumer’s buying power increased, people started rushing towards buying articles they couldn’t afford before. From Air Conditioners to refrigerators, everything was now in their grasp. To tackle the increase in energy consumption that would eventually lead to, the government of India came up with the plan. It took the form of Bureau of Energy Efficiency. This body was established to overseeenergy conversation laws in India. It created a protocol where it set how much energy electrical appliance must consume. If your appliance consumed less, the more efficient it would be, and the higher star rating it would get.

So, what is BEE certification? It’s the method to get that star rating for your appliance before you can launch it into the market.

Does BEE’s job is merely to enable the BEE registration process?

Providing the BEE certificate registration is one of the primary tasks of Bureau of Energy Efficiency, but its purpose is so much more. Some of its most prevalent duties include the following:

  • Coordinating Energy Efficiency activities: To Achieve the goal of clean energy and less energy consumption in India, one needs to coordinate. The primary body that helps with this process is the BEE.
  • Awareness creation: Making India energy efficiency can only be achieved more and more people are aware of energy issues. It’s the job of the BEE to make people aware of the same.
  • Training: Those who obtain BEE certificate registration needs to follow a certain guideline set by the BEE to ensure that their products are always up to the energy standards. These guidelines are designed to help manufacturers create better products.
  • Research and development: BEE is responsible for the R&D in the field of energy efficiency. It promotes companies and organization to research ways for enhancing energy efficiency and develop products that can achieve that goal.
  • Creating the pilot policies: All the major pilot projects – the ones related to energy efficiency – follow the guidelines of the policy that are created by the Bureau of Energy efficiency.
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It’s the Bureau’s job to push you into creating products that consume less energy but provide more output. Thus, if you seek BEE model registration, you’re on the right path to making our country more efficient in terms of energy efficiency.

 If you’re looking for BEE certification in India for your electric or electronic appliance, you must reach out to Registrationwala. We are fully capable of taking your application and designing it in a way that the BEE grants you the star rating you think you deserve.

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