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Battle of the Chill: Choosing Between AC and Cooler for Effective Cooling

by sophiajames

The best way to stop the burning heat during summer is to have an AC or an air cooler. Despite both having a completely different working principle both still strive to cool the environment. But the major difference between ACs and Coolers is their price and maintenance. Nevertheless, during summer it’s quite tough to afford a new and branded home appliance. But still, you can get an air cooler on rent, save lots of money, and keep your budget within the limit. Now here we shall discuss which home appliance is better for cooling your home or your office.

Cooler Vs AC

Coolers and ACs both are the most efficient cooling home appliances. But while purchasing for your summer heat then you might be confused. So, check the features below:

  • Versatility: Home appliances need to work in every climatic condition. Similarly, AC can be used during hot summer and cold winter, as you can control the temperature of your surroundings. While the cooler fails to do multiple tasks like AC. In addition, the cooler can only cool the temperature of your surroundings for only a certain limit and fails to eliminate heat inside the room. However, AC can do that task very easily. Moreover, you can use a cooler in your garden and inside your room, which means it can be used both indoors and outdoors. AC cannot be used outdoors and it is only used for indoor purposes.
  • Cost: Coolers are available at a lower cost while the AC is expensive. In such unavoidable situations, it’s better to get ac on rent in chennai and use its features to get rid of burning heat during summer.
  • Environment friendly: If you purchase an AC then it emits Chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere which causes ozone layer depletion. However, coolers are environment-friendly as they do not emit any kind of hazardous gasses.
  • Power efficiency: Both AC and cooler do the same function of cooling the surroundings. But cooler is more power efficient as it consumes less power, while AC consumes more power. Hence, using a cooler you can save lots of money.
  • Maintenance: Coolers do not require frequent maintenance and it’s very easy to use. While the AC requires a lot of maintenance and usually it is costly.
  • Advanced features: When considering the features of AC, you will find many things such as you can control the temperature, and many more with its diverse electronic components such as sensors, filters, dust cleaners, and many more. However, coolers are fitted with fewer components compared to ACs.
  • Healthy: Coolers are quite healthy for human beings as they tend to increase the moisture level of the breathing air and the environment. AC fails to do this task and they usually cause discomfort for the skin.


You need to be aware of the diverse features when you get any electronic appliances. If you get a refrigerator on rent, even if it cools, but has a different working principle compared to AC and cooler. Moreover, AC is the best choice as it can do protean tasks compared to a cooler.

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