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Artificial Intelligence- Our daily life technology partner

by MackLiam
Artificial Intelligence- Our daily life technology partner

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may seem an alienated word in your daily life. You may feel that the concept of AI has nothing to do with you. You may think that AI is only the term from big tech giants and may not impact you daily chores.

As a matter of fact, in recent years, AI has become an indispensable part of our daily lives and has made things simpler for us. From day to night, many of our activities are facilitated by the use of Artificial Intelligence.

The increasing role of Artificial Intelligence in our daily life

Artificial intelligence (AI) widening the horizon of machine-enabled functionalities. This provides a higher degree of autonomy to all the machines, leading to effective task execution of iterative tasks.

AI is helping humankind to create a next-gen working space that operates on boundless cooperation between organization systems and individuals.

Therefore, human resources are strengthened with this upcoming technology rather than tagging them as obsolete. AI has facilitated giant organizations in freeing their resources for high-level tasks.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life

  • Face ID in Smartphone

Unlocking your phone with a fake ID is considered a common feature in our smartphones, but little do we know it as a gift of AI to us.

Every morning we reach our smartphones and unlock them by just looking at them. Artificial Intelligence enables the functionality of unlocking your device. AI does this by placing 30,000 invisible infrared dots on your face and then capturing your image.

It matches the captured image with your stored image by using various algorithms. Once the scan matches your stored image, it unlocks the phone.

It has been added as a security feature to confirm your identity. The error rate in face ID is one in a million, and it is not easy to fool this feature.

  • Social media

The se of AI doesn’t stop at unlocking only. It is continuously working in the background to make our experiences better with technology.

When we surf our social media platforms, AI works by selecting the posts and information you want to see based on your previous searches. Also, it filters fake and unwanted information on your screens.

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook make an excessive se of AI to give a better experience to their users. It also works on prevents cyberbullying.

  • Sending emails or messages

Emails and messages are a requisite part of our professional and personal lives. You can compose emails and add attachments to them. Tools such as Grammarly that are used to rectify any error are a part of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Google search

Many of us rely on Google for many things and cannot go a day without it. Search engines se Artificial Intelligence to answer your question and queries.

During the search, if you click on an advertisement, you may find similar ads during your search. AI facilities the search engines to filter and decide what should be seen as advertisements based on or search history.

  • Digital voice assistants

Voice assistants have made our life easier and simpler. From inquiring about the weather to finding things for you, it has made tasks easier.

For example, Siri, Alexa, Google Home are some of the preferred digital assistants. These voice assistants use natural language processors to answer back the questions being asked from them.

  • Smart home devices

Our world is becoming smart such as smartphones, smart homes and many other things. In our homes, we have our preferences of temperature.

There are home devices that adjust the temperature according to your preferences, such as heating or cooling. There are smart refrigerators too that adjust the inside temperature according to the outside temperature.

Also, suggest a wine that will complement your dinner. These smart devices are here to stay and will become a common trend in future.

  • Commuting

GPS is the most common example of AI that has made our travelling and lives simpler. You do not need to know routes and ways for a new place. Just go to that place, turn on your GPS and explore the place on your own terms.

This has been possible because of the maps and GPS feature that uses AI to simplify things. It also monitors traffic and suggests alternative routes.

Along with the traffic prediction, it also estimates the total time for reaching your destination. AI made travelling a lot easier as compared to the past times.

  • Banking

With AI being part and parcel of our everyday lives in every field, banking is no exception. AI has been deployed in or banking system too. From the security of the organization to detect any fraud in transactions, AI is used everywhere.

You may get your account balance on your phones, or if you wish to check your balance online, AI facilities you with all these services.

If you apply for quick loans, AI helps you search for the records and databases to check up on the borrower’s credibility and makes the loan option available for you.


Artificial Intelligence makes our lives simpler and efficient. It helps in various activities such as connecting with or friends, sending emails, making professional life simpler, easy travelling, etc.

For many years, AI has been in our lives and is here to stay to make our lives better and simpler.

Description: How is Artificial Intelligence helping us in our daily lives and its role in making our everyday work simpler and easier?

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