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Are mountain bikes different from common bikes?

by jensen

Mountain bikes and road bikes look to be quite similar to each other— both have similar frames and two wheels. When you thoroughly examine them— you would be amazed to learn that there is a lot of difference between the two bikes. Their structure is designed according to their particular requirement— a mountain bike is designed to absorb all the shock of the rough terrain of the mountains. It is important to maintain proper mountain bike repair. The road bikes on the other hand prepared to get maximum speed as compared to the mountain bikes. Road bikes and mountain bikes are specially designed according to their particular purpose.

In this article, we are going to discuss the differences between mountain bikes and road bikes:   

Mountain bikes design is different:

The mountain bikes are designed for off-road use— their design is good for trails, tracks, dirt, and snow. Their performance on the street and road is not as great as road bikes. You can, however, change the tires of the mountain bike— to adjust according to the requirement of road acceleration and for speed as compared to the mountain bikes. The road bikes have no comparison with mountain bikes on the mountain and bumpy terrain. Mountain bikes are designed to vanquish the rough terrain of the mountains.

There may be dirt, mud, snow, and pieces of gravel in their way of the terrain. Their frame is tough enough to sustain in that environment. Their bodies are resistant to the uneven impact of the mountain jumps. Normally their frames are made of aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, and steel— these frames are built to sustain and withstand a lot of punishment. 

The suspension system of the wheel absorbs all the pressure of the vibration and impact from the rough trail of the mountainous areas. The tough and hardtail mountain bike suspensions are in the front and at the backside also. Their handlebar is flat— so the rider remains in the upright position—for maximum balance and support. and paved areas. The design of the road bike for   

Pros of mountain bikes:

The mountain bikes have beefy frames and components and are specially designed to get abused treatment of the uneven terrain. Frame geometry— helps to grip for steep, and loose climbs. They usually have a small and flat wheel of 26” to hit the rocks and holes.

Cons of mountain bikes:

They are usually heavier than road bikes—riders usually have to put more force to ride them—due to their higher grip to the surface. Riders when riding them on road— usually find difficulty in riding— people having no practice of riding mountain bikes—find their frame heavier than the road bikes.

The purpose of road bikes design:

The purpose of the road bike is different from mountain bikes— these bikes are designed to gain maximum speed. When you examine their structure— you will find it is much lighter weight and have responsive stricture on smoother asphalt roads. Normally they have thinner 700c-size wheels and thinner tires.

 The main purpose of this size of the wheel— it reduces the friction of the tire with the road and can gain maximum speed on the road. The road bikes are engineered and designed for maximum performance. The bike accelerates the rider in a forwarding direction in an aggressive—forward-leaning position. 

This improves the aerodynamics of the cyclist and boosts his exerted strength and power on the pedals of the cycle. The requirement of the roads— the frame should be light and rigid. To fulfill this requirement— strong metals like carbon fiber and titanium are used to provide a competitive edge to road bikes.

 In some bikes, steel and aluminum are used, but these materials do not produce the same performance as carbon and titanium frames. The whole body structure of the road mountain is to provide the forward thrust to the biker— the road bikes can gain maximum speed— these bikes are exactly built for this purpose—their aerodynamics are for speed and acceleration.

Pros of the road bikes:

The mountain bikes are more agile and fast—the mountain bikes have higher aerodynamics— the rider’s forward-leaning position enhances his ability to exert more force on the pedals. Tall and thin tires reduce the fraction of the bike with the road. The rider becomes a part of the bike and finds little air resistance as compared to the standing position of the mountain bikes.  

Cons of the road bikes:

When you examine the cones of the road bikes— the most important of all— these bikes are not built for wear and tear. Their design is for gaining speed and acceleration and can’t take the punishment like mountain bikes. The gear range speed is on the higher side— you will find difficulty in riding them slowly. The riding position can be uncomfortable on the neck and wrist areas.  

Both mountain bikes and road bikes are built according to their specific purpose. These bikes serve the pulse of their design— this is the most important factor of their design.

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