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Amazing Methods To Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress Website

by Daisy Smith
instagram feed on wordpress

Looking for a smart and effective way to increase the visual appeal of your WordPress website? We have an amazing hack for you – Embed Instagram feed to WordPress website. How to get it? – Read this article till the end, why you need to do it and how you can easily achieve this task.

As businesses are marching towards online existence, WordPress has emerged as the favorite as a website building platform. That is simply because it not only eases the embedding process but also consists of various plugins that increase the visuals and functionality of the website.

So, to increase the website’s visuals, many might consider adding images and video to it. By opting to embed Instagram feed on WordPress, you can showcase visual-based content on your website without any hassle.

What is Instagram Feed?

instagram feed

Instagram is known for its visual-based content and posts. So whenever you log in to your Instagram account, the first thing that appears on your screen is the Instagram feed. It is a compilation of the posts from Instagram users within your social circle on the platform. On exploring the platform further, you will be able to find more posts. With the help of an Instagram widget for WordPress, you can easily embed them on your website.

Why Should You Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress?

We all know that businesses are eager to establish their online presence in the market. Hence, to survive in the market you need to have an x-factor on your website. For example, adding images and video might affect the speed of your website. But with the help of the Instagram widget, you can avoid that, as widgets stream the content from the source. So, when content streams from the source, it does not affect the speed of your website and enhances the browsing experience of your visitors.

Moreover, the Instagram feed increases the engagement on the website and eventually instills interest in the minds of the visitors. Also, you can even use the feed as social proof for your target customer and encourage them to make their purchase decision.

These were some of the major benefits from this strategy, it is easy to imply as Instagram feed plugins assist you in this cause. Likewise, WordPress consists of various plugins that help you to achieve this feat. 

Out of various options, we have filtered some of the best plugins that provide effective results and ease the embedding process. You can find them with ease on the plugin store and operate them like a pro. So without any further ado, let’s get to know about these plugins.

Best Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin For 2022

Who doesn’t like to work with the best, right? Hence, we have filtered out these plugins based on usage, pricing, and features for your convenience and to save your time. And as they are coding-free, you can use them even if you are from a non-technical background.

1. Instagram Feed Plugin by Tagembed

Instagram feed– WordPress plugin

You might have heard about Tagembed as one of the prominent social media aggregator tools. It is known for its smooth functionality and budget-friendly pricing range in the market. It brings the same legacy to its WordPress plugins. 

The plugin provides a dedicated Instagram widget that helps to display Instagram feed on WordPress websites. This plugin helps you in collecting the posts from your desired source and then allows you to curate and customize them before displaying them on your website. It is compatible with 18+ social media platforms, along with Instagram, making it one of the desired Instagram feed WordPress plugins.

It not only eases the embedding process but also provides various features. Some of the major features of the plugin include

Customization – Allows you to personalize your widget as per your choice. For example, you can change the font size, font style, card style, and more to match it as per your style. It helps you to add more beauty to your widget and make it pleasing to the eyes.

Moderation – With the help of this feature, you can filter out all unwanted and irrelevant content from the website. You can either manually remove the content from the website or choose automation where the plugin removes the content containing provided keywords.

Layouts and themes – You have a wide range of layouts and themes, you can select the one that suits the style of your website. It adds professionalism and grace to your website.

Responsive Feeds – The feed adjusts itself as per the screen type. So it does not matter if your visitor is using mobile, PC, or any other device, the charm of your website remains the same.

Custom CSS, custom CTA, analytics, and more.

2. Flow-Flow Social Stream

Flow-Flow Social Feed Streams

Flow-Flow Social stream WordPress plugin helps you in collecting and displaying social media feed on your website. It offers a dedicated Instagram widget that helps you in showcasing Instagram feed on your WordPress website. In addition, it offers the following features :

Easy embedding – You just require a few clicks and within minutes, your website will be displaying an Instagram feed on your website.

Responsive layout – That adjusts itself as per the size of the screen.

Moderation – Helps you in removing unwanted posts, words, URLs, and more.

3. EmbedSocial


Like Tagembed, EmbedSocial has also made its name in the social media aggregator market. However, it brings its charm to WordPress with its WordPress plugin. It enables you to showcase Instagram feed on your WordPress website with ease. Other than providing an easy method to embed Instagram feed on WordPress, it offers the following features:

Customization – You can showcase your artistic side and add charm to your widget

Moderation – Allows you to remove unwanted content from your Instagram feed.

Layout & Design – Numerous layouts as options, you can choose the one that best suits your website style.

In Conclusion 

As people, especially businesses, are marching towards making their online presence to establish their business, it becomes vital to have a pleasing website that attracts customers. Adding images and videos is smart, but by opting to embed Instagram feed on WordPress, you add charm and strengthen your social media presence. So try these plugins now and enjoy the great benefits it provides.

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