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All You Need To Know About White Label Fleet Management Software

by TrackoBit
All You Need To Know About White Label Fleet Management Software

With time and technology, the market is getting more and more competitive. The brands that establish an unwavering niche for themselves and mark their identity stay in the business for long. This formula applies to businesses universally irrespective of the market they cater to or the industry they come from. Brands need to stand out from the crowd and the tech world is no exception.

The tech start-ups are on a booming spree as more and more domains are turning to white-label software services to optimize their businesses. Old and new enterprises are actively adopting automation and AI to speed up their pace. Logistics and transport is one domain that is relying on robust white label fleet management software to reduce human errors and improve fleet efficiency. Going for comprehensive white label GPS Tracking solutions rather than building everything from scratch saves them time, money and other resources. 

What is White Label Software?

When the software is developed end-to-end by a third party but the second party software provider sells it under the guise of its company name then it’s called white-label software. 

The company that builds the software doesn’t label it with their branding leaving it blank for customisation, hence, it’s called a white label. 

The white-label software is made to order as per the buyer’s requirements. There are various types of white label services provided by Fleet Management Software development companies that we’ll discuss later in the blog.  

White Label for GPS Tracking Software

The concept of the white label applies to GPS Tracking in the same fashion. A GPS Service provider buys the software from a third party that develops it to sells it to its clients as their own. The buyers have the right to rebrand the software and sell it further. However, the intellectual property rights are owned by the software development company. 

Elements that the software buyer gets:

  • Domain: The URL of the web portal and the application are in the buyer’s name.
  • Logo: The buyer highlights its logo everywhere on the portal to legitimise the ownerships
  • Design theme: The colour scheme and design theme are in sync with the brand signature. 
  • Graphics: Customised graphics are placed on the portal to match the design theme.  
  • Signature: Marketing collaterals, letterhead and other promotional stuff of the buyer company. 

Types of White Label Fleet Management Software

Logistics Industry is heavily dependent on GPS Tracking and telematics for systematic operations. Manual operations are no longer an option for businesses to scale. In the era of ruthless competition, people are relying on technology to thrive and succeed in their business endeavours. 

White label Vehicle Tracking software has simplified the fleet management drill. The entire logistics and transportation sector has shown a noticeable jump in their results and revenues.

Let’s get into the types of White label services you’ll find at your disposal in the industry.  

1. Elementry White Label

This is the most fundamental plan that is most commonly chosen by small scale organisations. As the name suggests, it does not have much to offer. In our opinion, this package does not justify the basic aspects of white-label. However, many companies sell it under the WL category. 

  • Yes, the web domain is in your company’s name that you have to provide to the software company. 
  • Your logo is displayed inside the portal but not on the login page of the App.
  • You do not get a dedicated app on the app store by your name.

2. Standard White Label

You can establish your own separate space online with this service. It’s white-label in the true sense where there is no trace of your service provider. 

  • You get a dedicated app(Android & IOS) and web portal for your brand. 
  • All the details and information on the Play Store are yours.

3. Complete Design White Label

The topmost category of them all. In design white-label, you get a completely different look and feel of the software. It’s unique and belongs to you entirely. TrackoBit specialises in providing customised GPS Tracking software. 

  • You get a made-to-order user interface and experience. The theme belongs to you. It can be replicated for one of your customers. 
  • You get your App(Android & IOS) and web portal.
  • Both Android and IOS Apps get a complete make-over.

If you wish to know more about such software and services, you may explore them here. Get in touch with one of the leading Fleet management software providers. 

What are its Benefits?

White label GPS Tracking software provides a quick and hassle-free start to your fleet management businesses. By opting for white label services you are keeping your time and hands free to engage in other significant aspects of the business such as operations and business development that is your strong suit. While software providers specialise in building robust software so when experts join forces from both directions the outcome is worth celebrating.  

1. Saves Time and Money

  • Building fleet management software from scratch is a time taking and expensive affair. Forming a dedicated team, planning the product from scratch, and final development will drain most of the resources. With white label services, you get to elude the taxing part and focus more on garnering customers and scaling your business.

2. No Risks and Hassles

  • The bigger the team, the more are the chances of goof-ups. By outsourcing the development part to the experts, you have lessened the risk of hassles. These companies specialise in not only software development but also mitigating risks. 

3. Easy Branding

  • The energy conserved by outsourcing the development part can be put to enhancing the branding. More efforts may go into enhancing logos, branding and other marketing jazz. 

There are two game-changers In the service providing business, a) the product itself b) reaching out to the customers with your product. Now that the former has been taken care of, you can streamline the forces towards streamlining the latter, and that’s a win-win deal. 

TrackoBit has delivered more than 150 white-label applications to hundreds of clients across the globe. From sturdy tech stack to appealing designs, our clients swear by our comprehensive services. Standard white label is the hottest selling plan nationally and internationally with small businesses. However, we suggest clients opt for the Complete Design White Label plan if they are catering to big enterprises as they have the authority to customise UI/UX as per their clientele. 

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