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All About White Label SEO: A Guide to Organic Traffic

by Clixlogix Technologies
White Label SEO

To the average business owner new to the online world, few of the industry terms can be quite confusing, but when it comes to growing online presence and brand the most used term you might have heard is organic traffic. So what is it actually? Organic traffic is customers or leads that have found your website organically through a search engine. This is completely opposite to how paid traffic works, which means it requires a legitimate SEO strategy by the experts to improve the growth of organic traffic over time.

If you are a design or marketing agency, you might be well aware by now of how critical the need for a robust SEO is. Clients relying on you for the design and build part is all very good and well. However, in this competitive environment what you really want is to retain old clients and add new customers who are looking for services like SEO. So when you can’t provide SEO functions to your clients, don’t have the utilities in-house, or somehow don’t want to use up the time and resources for this lineup, this is when White Label SEO providers will come to your rescue.

SEO: The Secret to All Organic Traffic

Today SEO drives 1000% more traffic than organic activities on social media! And winning the top spots for the right keywords guarantees you more traffic and revenue.

Truth be told: all this growth doesn’t happen overnight. It never does, and any SEO company or reseller promising you overnight results is using techniques that will get your website banned from search engines. Realistically, with credible and discreet optimization services growing traffic takes around four to eight months to implement and track results. So here is it important to understand that good results take time, and a good SEO expert is vital for growing your and your client’s business over time unless you have an unlimited budget to hire an in-house team and train them!

White Label SEO: An Overview

White labeling is a concept where products or services offered by one company are used by the second company under its brand. In the case of SEO, when you partner with a reseller the services you get are re-brandable that is you can simply offer those services under your brand name without your client knowing it. This way, you will be able to provide high-quality SEO services by using resources under a company’s umbrella, even though their expert team has worked on it. How does it actually work?

When you work with a white label SEO agency, it is like having your own team; the process will be similar. For instance, if a client approaches you for a custom SEO package and wants weekly reporting, you can pass this to an agency giving them all the details. Here’s how they will ensure a seamless transition:

  1. Build a proposal after audit: Once you relay all the campaign details to them they will help you with a proposal on the various SEO packages depending on the client’s budget and needs.

  2. Project kickoff: After approval and confirmation on the same, the execution begins by navigating the upcoming accounts of working on the project.

  3. Allocating qualified SEO experts: They have a team of experts to make sure that your clients get the best ROI from the SEO spends. As they work on goals and objectives by consolidating the strategy.

  4. Comprehensive reporting at your disposal: To keep you and your clients on the same page, they will assign an SEO expert and project manager who will only work on your project to track rankings and progress in the form of weekly and monthly reports with your branding logo.

  5. Efficient results with advanced tactics: To provide the most efficient results to your clients SEO experts know the techniques and are equipped with the tools to perform on-page as well as off-page optimization for your client.

Note that, audits and proposals will help you to close new clients as well!

A professional SEO reseller can aid your business!

  1. Keyword research and optimization: Would you buy a gadget with weak configurations? Probably not. The same way keywords are the foundation and it is critical to find the right keywords to reach your targeted audience. They will perform a comprehensive search and analysis that is designed to attract targeted traffic and eventually convert them.

  2. On-page audits: To improve the rankings of your website on the search engine, certain measures need to be taken as it has a huge impact on your rankings. A good white label SEO provider will scan through the entire site and identify pages with issues and categorize them according to importance.

  3. Tracking results: To identify whether or not the SEO efforts are bearing the fruit they will regularly track search rankings for the targeted keywords. Plus, to easily track the ranking stats they will send you regular reports about this. Remember not to opt for a white label that does not provide performance proof through timely and systematic reports.

Summing Up

To meet the client’s necessity or abrupt demands, white label SEO will be the go-to for marketing agencies that don’t have in-house SEO experts. Without having to incur extra costs and provide exceptional business services to your clients, the best option for agencies is to attain expert assistance, which will eventually help them increase revenue and bolster business.

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