A Guide to Desert Safari in Qatar


You have many questions if this is your first time going on a safari. I won’t get into this because several guides tell you where to go and when.

No matter where or when you travel, you may use this post’s advice to help you prepare for a Desert Safari in Qatar.

Safari dos and don’ts, recommendations for packing for a safari, and advice on selecting between guided and self-drive game drives. This article should resolve your inquiries about a Doha safari. Learn more!


What is a Desert Safari?

A Desert Safari in Qatar is essentially a jeep trip across the massive sand dunes, sometimes known as “dune-bashing,” in the desert. You may hear the sand bouncing in loud noises. You could also be fortunate to see some exotic desert creatures.

You will be given a stop or two during the full dune bashing so you can have a little snack and have expert tour photographers take pictures of you.


Be Prepared for Spontaneous Adventures

Be ready for hot and cold weather, wind or sun, insects and flies, and most importantly, a bumpy ride. Most of the time, you’ll be traveling on sand or gravel roads, but occasionally, the driver may elect to ford a river, travel through a forest, or traverse a field of stones. We had an incredible adventure in Namibia, pursuing a herd of desert elephants.


Don’t Forget To Bring A Tiny First Aid Kit.

Although your Desert Safari in Qatar vehicle will likely have some necessities on board, bringing your own stock of necessities like bandages, tweezers, bandages, and insect spray never hurts. You might wish to bring some medicine if you frequently get car sick.


When Should You Do a Safari in Qatar?

The most favorable time of year to visit Doha is between October and the end of April, when temperatures are at their lowest and the sun is most pleasant. Doha is not overrun with tourists, but July and August offer the best weather and population levels. Hotels and other attractions are less busy because locals and foreigners go to regions with milder climates. Although there are not many changes in hotel prices throughout the year, summer tends to be a little less expensive.



Qatar’s southern shore is one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions. This beautiful region of Qatar is so off the beaten road that it may not be at the top of many people’s travel wish lists, but it is well worth the journey. If you want to experience the most Doha offers, getting a tour guide or package is the best way. A tour company like Doha Adventure Tours & Safari can curate the perfect Desert Safari in Qatar for you and your family. 


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