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A Complete Guide to Magento 2 Customer Avatar Extension

by pixlogix
Magento 2 Customer Avatar Extension

The Magneto allows the clients only to post the avatar extension available. There is no policy on profile pictures that the clients can use. The Magento 2 Customer Avatar Extension is indeed a helping hand for the online margins. They can personify the online stores.

Information About Magneto Customer Avatar extensions

The customer of the extension for magnitude 2 is a fascinating tool. It helps the online merchants to add a social element to the online store. This extension improves the user experience.

The extension also empowers the clients to set up the image or avatar. It empowers the clients to become more influential. At the same time, they are improving the overall look of the customer dashboard and elements.

One can customize the account by uploading the avatar or image. It allows the customers to manage or edit the avatar from my account section. They can display the avatar on the front page.

The front page is the product page, the registration page, or the header link. Customers can also display the customer avatar to the admin customer grid.

They can also use it for customer edit pages. The admin control manages the configurations revolving around the avatar.

It is vital to take care of the clients who prefer you over the online stores. As the competition in the eCommerce industry is increasing, one must stay ahead in the cow.

It is only possible to stay ahead using the exceptional user experience. The store merchants try to make the online shopping journey enjoyable.

They bring a customized touch by adding interesting features. They allow clients to upload their avatar profile pictures. It is an excellent move for the store owners.

How Magneto 2 customer avatar extension help Website Owners

Magneto 2 customer avatar extension help website owners to make customer accounts enjoyable. It is after knowing the need of the online store owners. Customers can upload their preferred photo avatars.

The process of purchasing online is where all the action is at. When the customers sign up for an account at the online business, they have the option of uploading a profile photo. After logging in, they will also have the ability to edit the account.

The customer avatar extension brings the user experience the best practices. The online store owners can enhance the user experience and online traffic to the website.

There is no need to worry in case a customer fails to add a profile picture. The extension empowers clients to add their photos. They can also edit the account information.

Additionally, the website owner can even manage the photo or profile image. They can do so by hitting the admin panel.

The features of the Magneto extensions

1.    Manage avatar from account

The customers can add the avatar or upload the photos while creating the account. In addition, they can add or edit the profile image.

2.    Allow customer avatars on different pages

Users can enable customer avatar on different pages being the admin. They can add the avatar on the customer account section or product reviews page.

3.    Set the avatar on the admin panel

One can set their profile photos or avatars for the admin panel. They can use the customer avatar extension for Magneto 2.

4.    Enable or disable the extension

You can easily enable or disable the extension being a store owner. The extension depends on the business requirements.

5.    Delete avatar profile photo

You can quickly delete the profile photo. It is available for both options, that is, the front end and back end of the online store.

What is available with the magnitude two customer avatar extension

Customer avatar extension brings a customized touch to the online store. It increases the user experience and traffic to the online store. It offers free lifetime updates and three months of free support. There is 25-day money-back guarantee available.

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