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A Complete Guide On Animation Marketing In Business

by jasondexter

The marketing industry has been rocked by video. It has supplanted traditional marketing strategies as the most useful and successful option in recent years.

However, this quick rise to stardom can be a double-edged sword, especially for new firms. Though video marketing is undeniably efficient, its widespread adoption means you’ll be one of the companies employing the same strategy.

Then there’s animation. Perhaps, it is one of the most adaptable types of video content, and it’s a certain way to keep your content new while still reaping the benefits of video marketing.

Animation can play any role you need it to, and its popularity isn’t going anywhere, making it a valuable addition to any marketing toolkit.

Animation marketing

This type of marketing is a thread of video marketing that encompasses a variety of animated content kinds. It tries to transmit ideas and concepts to an audience, as well as increase traffic and revenue for businesses, similar to video marketing.

It is largely concerned with, you guessed it, animation, although music and narration can have a huge impact. Animation marketing as a concept has been tested, evaluated, and effective in a variety of applications.

Perhaps, including product advertisements, display design, teaser movies, and more.

Types of animation

It can be difficult to decide which method to utilize when it comes to animation marketing because there are so many options. Some varieties are better suited to certain companies than others.

Therefore, it’s worth conducting some research to find which ones best suit your company. Let’s have a look at a few different forms of animation.

Animated explainer videos

Animation and text are used in animated explainer videos, which are a sort of motion graphic. They are a wonderful approach to explaining something to your customers.

Such as you’re doing it and why they should purchase your goods or service, as the name implies.

Explainer videos using animation don’t have a specified purpose. you can employ them almost anyplace, with the only limitation being time. Short and sweet is the greatest bet for conveying information.

A video with a good presentation, visually appealing, and concise is desirable, with a minute being the ideal duration.

2D animations

2D animations, despite being a fairly basic style of video, provide a wide range of possibilities. You may utilize 2D animations to engage with your audience.

You can create a story by putting a touch of emotion into your video. Instead of just simply marketing to them, you can do everything from character animations to infographics.

You’ll be limited in your options with 2D animations compared to other solutions. So think about other options if you want anything more complex.

Brand animations

The goal of brand animations is to demonstrate to your audience what your company does. They are frequently the first thing a potential customer sees. They must be eye-catching and entertaining.

It’s a good idea to keep brand animations concise, just as animation explainer films. A short, one-minute video that covers all of your company’s key points is preferable to one that drags.

Why choose animation marketing?

We’ve covered the what, now let’s get to the why. Why should you employ animation marketing over other possibilities? As with anything marketing-related, there are some variables at play. Let’s discuss some of them:

  • It’s pocket friendly
  • Animation is memorable
  • The appeal of animation is widespread
  • Enhances creativity

It is pocket friendly

The lower the cost of a marketing approach, the better, as it usually equals a larger return on investment. Except for the very top of the range, animation falls perfectly into this group by chance.

You have a few alternatives for how you approach the creation process. Perhaps, depending on how much money you want to invest. You have the option of creating your content in-house using commonly available tools.

Or you can outsource to a company or a combination of the two. Even if you hire a professional to make your animations, the expenses will be much lower than alternatives like live-action videos.

Animation is memorable

Information presented through animation marketing is far easier to comprehend and keep than many alternatives. It is arguably the primary factor for its popularity.

This is largely because, in contrast to many other dry marketing approaches, the animation is entertaining and engaging. You may use animation to combine sentiment, tales, music, and more with your marketing goals.

As a result, your audience will identify your brand with something enjoyable and fascinating, increasing retention.

The appeal of animation is widespread

Animations are popular with a youth population, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appeal to those in their forties and fifties. You might find that incorporating animation allows you to reach a wider audience.

It should come as no surprise that many marketing strategies do not appeal to youngsters. The same can be stated for a wide range of age groups.

However, animation can enable you to reach a wider range of audiences with your content, making it easier to broaden your reach.

Enhances creativity

The lack of constraints is one of the most enticing aspects of animation. You can animate anything you can think of, no matter how odd. This is in sharp contrast to live-action content, which is precise in what it can accomplish.

Thus, the more expensive it becomes, the more adventurous they get.

To be sure, this can be leveraged to create some very distinctive stuff, for better or worse. Something that will make your brand stand out from the crowd and lead to a more successful marketing effort.


To conclude, storytelling is the key to success in animation marketing. Your marketing will be considerably more pleasurable for your audience if it wraps in a short story with appealing pictures.

Furthermore, it also makes your marketing videos less corporate and uninteresting, making them more likely to connect with your target audience. In a nutshell, the most effective advertising is those that don’t feel like advertisements.

However, you can acquire the services of a professional as well for your marketing purpose. They provide all the animation and creative ideas. From whiteboard animation services to 3D animation, you can have it all!


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