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9 Simple Ways to fix Windows 11 Black Screen Error 2022

by shepherdzayn
windows 11 black screen error 2022

The black screen issue is one of the most troublesome issues you can look with your Windows 11 PC. Your Windows PC showing a black screen after boot/sign-in or in the center of work? You are not alone. Numerous clients have experienced comparative errors, and it’s not even particular to Windows 11 and has existed in the past Windows renditions too.

In this article, we have recorded probably the best fixes to resolve the black screen error on Windows 11.

System Requirements for Windows 11

Nonetheless, before you proceed with the up-grade, it is fundamental to guarantee you coordinate the following system requirements before proceeding with the upgrading procedure. Given below are the subtleties enrolling the system requirements for Windows 11.

CPU: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster


Storage: 64GB or larger

System Firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot feature

TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0

Graphics Card: Compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver

Display: High definition (720p) display exceeding 9″ diagonally, 8 bits per color channel

Internet: Required for upgrading

What causes the black screen issue in Windows 11?

The factors that cause the black screen issue are listed below:

  • Problems with the graphics adapter or its driver
  • Loose or incorrect connections
  • Issues with the current build of Windows
  • Issues with the hardware, most likely the monitor

We have recorded the fixes accordingly, and it’s ideal assuming you execute them in the grouping referenced here for a fast troubleshooting experience.

9 Simple Ways to fix Windows 11 Black Screen Error

1. Check for loose connections with the monitor

Further on. Verify that it’s appropriately associated with the power source, and the power light turns on, in the event that there’s one present. Then, ensure the connections to the monitor are right and solidly put. You can just unplug the connections and immovably replug them. This fix for the most part works for a ton of clients.

Assuming you utilize different screens for show, change the essential screen to the optional and the auxiliary to the essential. In the event that this doesn’t work, have a go at using a single screen and check whether things work.

2. Restart the Windows 11 PC

With the framework non-responsive, you wouldn’t have the option to shut down the computer or restart it the ordinary way. For this situation, you would be expected to utilize the power button. Press and hold the power button until the computer is turned off. Presently, hang tight for a couple of moments before again pressing it to turn on the computer. Once done, check assuming the Windows 11 black screen issue is fixed.

Whenever you restart the computer, it reloads the OS and eliminates any bugs that are causing the black screen issue.

3. Use a third-party specialized software

A dependable method to fix black screen issues effectively is by utilizing specific devices for repairing broken or missing software files. Along these lines, you can naturally filter your Windows 11 PC and recognize the corrupted files that cause this sort of framework issue. Henceforth, this software will repair corrupted files or parts, and supplant them with new ones put away in its rich repository.

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4. Unplug all non-critical accessories

Assuming you experience the Windows 11 black screen on boot, it very well may be because of faulty or incompatible hardware connected to the system. For this situation, it’s suggested that you disconnect any non-basic peripherals or devices leaving simply the monitor, keyboard, and mouse connected.

In the wake of disconnecting the peripherals, restart the PC and check assuming the issue is fixed. This technique is additionally liable to fix Windows 11 black screen before login. Assuming the computer turns on normally in the wake of eliminating the peripherals, start reconnecting them one all at once and restarting the computer to recognize the malfunctioning device. Once the problematic device is found, replace it with one that is viable with the system.

In the event that the black screen issue continues to happen, utilize the computer with the non-basic accessories turned off until you make sense of a way.

5. Reset the graphics adapter

The graphics adapter is basic to the compelling working of the computer, and assuming things turn out badly with it, you might experience the Windows 11 black screen issue. A basic fix is to reset the actual adapter.

To reset the graphics adapter, press Win + Ctrl + Shift + B and you will hear a slight beep followed by a blaze on the screen, a sign that the reset has been effectively finished. Presently, check assuming the showcase shows up. On the off chance that the problem continues, go to the next method listed here.

6. Change the projections settings

1. Press Windows + P to launch view the available projection modes

2. Use the cursor keys to navigate through them and hit ENTER to select one.

Windows offers several projection modes, and if you have the wrong one selected, it may lead to the Windows 11 black screen issue.

7. Check if graphics card is properly installed (desktop only)

Assuming you have as of late upgraded the graphics card or replaced the more established one and began experiencing the blunder just later, there’s an opportunity that it’s not properly installed.

Check assuming the graphics card is loosely installed, and place it immovably to kill the issue. However on the off chance that you are not familiar with the hardware, we suggest looking for professional help in such manner.

8. Clean the hardware and look for faults

Dust is perhaps the greatest danger to your PC. Dust development happens after some time and influences the functioning of the system. The black screen issue is one of its side-effects.

For this situation, it’s recommended that you unscrew the CPU and clean the various components. Do make sure to clean them delicately as the utilization of force can harm the fragile components.

Carbon develop on RAM is another factor you should pay special attention to since it’s known to straightforwardly prompt the black screen issue. Additionally, check for any defective components and get them repaired or replaced.

9. Take your PC to a repair shop

Assuming that none of the fixes recorded above work or you are reluctant to unscrew the components, we prescribe taking your PC to a repair shop. The professionals there will inspect every one of the components, both major and minor, recognize the issues with it and replace or repair the ones that breakdown.

Final Words

Above were the means to fix the Windows 11 Black Screen Error. In the event that, you are as yet confronting the issue, you can essentially reach us on (806) 542-0999 to get the expected help for Windows 11.

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