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9 Reasons That Make Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework

by TarunNagar
9 Reasons That Make Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework

Are you in the dilemma of choosing Laravel or another framework for your app development?

Several companies cannot determine the best framework for their web development. Firstly it is recommended to hire web developers for accurate guidance.

If you are wondering how a developer will provide knowledge of this question. In this case, you should know that the developer or development team will help you choose the best framework for your project or business needs.

But if you are here to know why you must go for the Laravel framework. Well, you should see if you read this article. We are sure you’ll have several reasons for choosing the Laravel framework. In this article, we have covered everything which you must know about Laravel.

What Is Laravel?

What Is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework launched by Taylor Otwell in June 2011.

Laravel is the most extensive web development framework with fascinating features and expressive syntax. Laravel has some of the most developer-friendly tools.

It is essential to know that Larval frameworks offer robust features and extraordinary functionalities. There are more than 646,000 active websites developed using this framework.

Laravel is the most chosen framework by many custom web development services as it helps them create apps and websites more quickly.

Why is Laravel the Best PHP Framework?

Why is Laravel the Best PHP Framework?

The Laravel framework demand increased in 2021, making every developer choose it. Below we mentioned some reasons that you should know why selecting a Laravel development company would be an excellent choice for your web app development.

1.    Easy And Expressive Syntax

Laravel’s coding language is the most straightforward and unique compared to other frameworks. Several web development companies are constantly seeking methods to streamline their processes.

Web developers have found Laravel to be a valuable tool for various tasks. The expressive syntax of the application framework makes it very simple for developers to use in their work.

The Larval development offers benefits in software development by providing a variety of new tools to satisfy the needs of varied clients.

 2.    Artisan Console

The command-line interface in Laravel is called Artisan. It is essential to know that Artisan Offer functions manage database migrations, produce boilerplate code for new controllers, publish package assets, and many more.

It will liberate the custom web development services company to write a correct code skeleton.

Adding additional custom commands can increase Artisan’s functionality and capabilities. A developer can update and upgrade the capabilities of Artisan by setting it on new custom commands.

3.    URL Routing Configuration

As we all know, making the application simple for users is essential yet filled with new techniques. The traffic on web applications came from clicking or inputting links.

The user will anticipate seeing the needed content, like an article, a contact form, a list of products, etc.

The Laravel routes are categorized in the app/http/routes.php file, which the framework loads automatically. The Laravel routes support a relatively straightforward technique of building routes by accepting a URL and a Closure.

4.    Automatic Package Discovery

It is crucial to know that people think of automatic packages in computers or apps as collections of related interfaces and classes.

It allows them to retain all of their data in one location. Yes, the Laravel framework also offers you something like this.

The Laravel PHP framework also provides features that can turn off specific undesirable package characteristics. It also helps identify prospective packages a user is looking to download.

5.    Multiple File System

PHP web development company offers Laravel framework that includes built-in support for local storage and cloud storage services like Amazon S3 and Rack space Cloud Storage.

It is essential to know that the API is the same for each system, so switching between different storage alternatives will be a little easier. If you want to send files from many places, Laravel can offer its unique multi-file system.

You can employ all three technologies together in a single application. Additionally, if you want the Laravel framework in your application, you should hire the best PHP web development company.

6.    Code Separation

Several mobile app development companies disclosed that when they had this framework earlier, the development process for many software must have become quicker and easier.

Laravel framework has features that make the code easier and quicker for the developer to resolve faults and defects than on other platforms. Laravel enables you to create a robust and user-friendly website.

You should hire PHP developers and choose this framework for your software development. Laravel is the most excellent platform in this regard compared to other PHP frameworks.

7.    Eloquent ORM

The Laravel framework also includes an inbuilt capability called object-relational mapping (ORM). Elegant syntax enables developers to assist in object and relationship interaction. The object-relational mapping is the most powerful function of the Laravel framework.

If you find it a little more challenging to understand, in that case, you must hire PHP developers. Hiring the developers will provide you with a deep knowledge of each function of the Laravel framework.

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8.    Testing

Any web development process can easily and quickly incorporate testing thanks to the Laravel framework. It includes built-in testing features and PHPUnit support.

All these features make it simple to find and fix any faults before they turn into expensive issues. The system automatically creates the testing environment if you consider hiring dedicated developers.

In that case, you should know developers can quickly provide additional testing configuration parameters as needed.

9.    Security

One of the primary factors of every web framework is this. While no system is entirely secure, it is critical to know that Laravel has a good reputation in security.

Hire Laravel developers to learn more about the safety of applications. But furthermore, it is crucial to understand its built-in CSRF token.

It manages all types of online threats. The web application is shielded from the most significant cybersecurity dangers (e.g. SQL injection). The security ecosystem of the framework also features a robust community and tutorials to assist developers in creating secure Laravel apps.

Let’s Get It All Together!

Laravel is a compelling yet simple PHP framework that can be opted for any software development. Hopefully, now you know why you should hire PHP web developers for software development projects based on Laravel. All these reasons above make Laravel the best framework chosen by developers.


What is the upgraded version of the Laravel version in 2022?

Laravel Version 9, published on February 8, 2022, is the most recent version of the Laravel framework.

What is the best framework for Laravel?

It is essential to know that Eloquent ORM is the best framework for Laravel web portal development or any other software development. Compared to other frameworks, Laravel offers the best object-relational mapper. Thanks to this object-relational mapping, it is essential to know that with Laravel, you can use expressive syntax to interact with your database objects and relationships.

Is Laravel a full-stack framework?

Laravel is a reliable and straightforward full-stack open-source PHP framework. It attaches to the model-view-controller pattern of design. Laravel uses already existing elements from other commercially available frameworks to build web applications.

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