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8 YouTube Music Promotion Tips For Artists

by Emma jolly
YouTube music promotion

Before the advent of the internet, finding new fans required playing show after show as you made your way from DIY clubs to theatres and beyond. Even if you had the means to host meet-and-greets and form a fan club, it was difficult to get your music heard.

With YouTube, sharing the entirety of your creative process is simpler than ever. You can present the development of brand-new songs, debut music videos you created in association with visual artists, and even stream live performances from your bedroom or practise area.

The only people who will hear your music on YouTube are your immediate circle of friends and family, along with a small number of bots. You must become knowledgeable about YouTube music promotion if you want to spread the word about your art.


The main advantage of YouTube music promotion is growing your overall fanbase and converting inactive listeners into paying customers, even though you can monetize your YouTube channel (which can develop into serious revenue—more on that later). Ideally, those people will tip you, purchase your physical goods, download your music from iTunes, and attend your live performances.

It takes time for someone to change from being a passive follower or listener to becoming a Patreon supporter. We’ll give you some practical strategies in this article that you can use to attract new listeners and keep them interested.


Even though YouTube revenue isn’t the main objective of YouTube music promotion, it’s still a pretty nice bonus. You can start receiving paid ad revenue for your videos once you reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in a calendar year.

You can then gather what are known as Super Chats from viewers of live streams and video premieres. Super chats, or real-time tips from viewers, are only available when your video is broadcasting a live chat, such as during a live stream. Therefore, you should include regular live streams or video premieres in your posting schedule if you want to earn that sweet Super Chat money.

You’ll be eligible for more YouTube revenue opportunities once you reach 10,000 subscribers, including subscriber programes and direct merch sales.

8 Tips for YouTube music promotion, check out the following advice for attracting new listeners to your music.


First things first: make sure your landing page and profile appear legitimate. In order to do that, you must alter your profile picture, add a banner, and make playlists and featured sections showcasing the content you want to draw attention to.

For instance, you can designate a video to serve as your official channel trailer or the featured video for devoted viewers, which will appear as soon as someone visits your YouTube channel.

Go to YouTube Studio and select “Customization” from the left-hand menu to optimise your channel page. There are tabs for basic information, branding, and layout.

2. customised channels

You can change the featured sections and the video spotlight under layout. A featured video for returning subscribers and a channel trailer are the two featured videos you can have at once. Additionally, you may have ten featured sections, such as:

fresh uploads
Favorite uploads
brief videos
Live videos at the moment
Previous live streams
future live streams
Playlists (single, created, or multiple playlists)
Channels you watch Channels you want to highlight

You can upload your profile picture, banner image, and optional video watermark under the branding tab. Your videos can have video watermarks that appear at the start, end, or throughout the whole thing. It is strongly advised that you add a watermark to your videos so that viewers can click or hover over them to subscribe to your page.

The “basic info” section of your profile allows you to change your channel name, add a channel description (which you can translate into dozens of different languages), personalise your channel URL, include pertinent links to your profile (like your spotify URL or company website), and provide contact information.


You can claim your official artist channel once you create a channel for your music and have at least three YouTube releases through an official distributor like DistroKid or Tunecore. The simplest way to do this is through your authorised distributor, so confirm with the service you use for music distribution.

Organizing your music videos and discography, promoting particular videos, and interacting with your fans are all made possible by setting up your official artist channel.


A featured video, also known as a channel trailer, can be pinned to the home page of your channel, as was previously mentioned. It’s a great chance to introduce yourself and your music since a channel trailer is the first video visitors who aren’t subscribers see when they visit your page.

Give potential viewers a preview of what they will see when they subscribe to your channel by using your channel trailer. If you have a regular live-stream schedule, let them know so they can support your music. Also, let them know about your upcoming albums and live performances.


Playlists can be highlighted on your home page and can be found in YouTube search results. Organize similar or connected uploads into playlists that are appropriate, such as “Official Music Videos,” “Live Shows,” and “Behind-the-Scenes.”

The Seattle band Sundae Crush, for instance, has playlists for their music videos and a content series where they examine various guitar effects pedals.
Your playlists don’t have to only contain items that you personally uploaded. You can create playlists that include videos of fans discussing the meaning of your music to them, appearances on video podcasts, reviews of your music, and more.


Requesting viewers to subscribe to your channel might seem overly promotional, but the polite reminder can persuade followers to click the subscribe button and activate the bell icon for notifications.

Although it might feel awkward to ask viewers to subscribe at the end of every video, try to do so whenever you can. If you’re live-streaming a show, for instance, ask viewers to confirm their subscription. Since they are obviously interested in your content, it won’t harm to inquire.


Making a video for every song you release is a great practise that can increase video views. Normally, we only consider releasing music videos for singles. Even though MTV’s prime is long gone, many music fans enjoy having something entertaining to watch while they listen to music.

Videos for songs you haven’t chosen as singles don’t need to be elaborate or expensive productions. For instance, the independent band Charly Bliss made a playlist for their 2019 album Young Enough that included all of their music videos. The band produced “filler” videos for the other songs, which featured behind-the-scenes footage of the band, to fill the voids between official single videos, which were expertly filmed and produced.


A relatively simple way to live-stream to your YouTube channel is to post behind-the-scenes footage of you working on new music if you’re comfortable with the idea of letting others in on your creative process. Simply turn on your Yeti and webcam, then describe your creative process as you write or record it.


I hope the above article helped you find the answer. The best platform for promoting music is YouTube. More than half of users access YouTube for entertainment. additionally, you can make money from YouTube.

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