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7 Things to Pay Attention to Before Subscribing to Youtube Premium

by juliankale

As you know, users are free to watch content for free on Youtube. However, there are some drawbacks to this free service. Youtube has finally presented a YouTube Premium subscription service that facilitates users to get the best experience streaming their favorite content.

Here are 7 things to consider before subscribing to Youtube Premium :

1. Youtube Premium is not a must

Youtube and Youtube Premium have actually been around for a long time, and basically how they work doesn’t affect each other. If you don’t want to subscribe, you can still enjoy free content from your favorite available channels.

Users can cancel, pause, or continue their YouTube Premium APK subscription. You just have to follow the steps given to cancel or pause Youtube Premium or Youtube Music Premium. If you cancel the subscription service during the one-month free trial, your trial service will no longer be automatically transferred to a paid subscription at the end of the free trial. You will continue to have access until the end of the trial period.

2. Ad-free

Youtube Premium is here to overcome the popping up ads as the most annoying problem when users are trying to enjoy the content. Actually, there are other ways to deal with these ads but most of them are not correct and can also harm content creators.

3. Subscription fee

The cost of subscribing to Youtube Premium is around 35 thousand to 89 thousand rupiahs with certain criteria. Users have to pay 59 thousand per month after the 1 month free trial period is over. Users can also choose the available options, namely the Family and Student options. The Family option is subject to a subscription fee of 89 thousand per month, while the Student option costs 35 thousand if the user meets the applicable requirements. In the Family option, users can add 5 family members at the same address to enjoy this Youtube Premium service.

4. Full access to YouTube Originals

Youtube Original contains a collection of exclusive shows created by Youtube. Actually, users can still enjoy Youtube Originals, but some content remains exclusive to Youtube Premium subscribers. There are also users who can only watch up to one or two episodes if they have not subscribed to Youtube Premium. Plus, subscribers get instant access to the latest shows and bonus content like deleted scenes and content cuts.

5. Includes YouTube Music Premium

This is another advantage of Youtube Premium, you can also fully access music content on Youtube Music. Youtube Music is a song streaming service from Google that replaces Google Play Music. This service is actually free, but with a Premium subscription, you won’t have to worry about ads popping up anymore. If you subscribe separately, you can only pay 49 thousand rupiahs to enjoy this service.

6. Features download content offline and play in the background

Youtube Premium also has the ability to download content, both videos, and music, to be enjoyed offline. This feature is available for users who only have a limited Internet package. There is also a feature to play songs in the background. You can still play music when using other applications such as Whatsapp and Gmail on your phone or when the screen is off. Enjoyed content is still running in a small pop-up window.

7. Different from YouTube TV

As for YouTube TV, which is different from YouTube Premium itself. YouTube TV is a streaming service that allows users to watch live TV channels. You need to know, even though you pay for a YouTube Premium subscription, it doesn’t mean you automatically subscribe to YouTube TV, and vice versa. However, users who subscribe to YouTube TV can access YouTube Originals in full.

Those are 7 things you need to pay attention to before subscribing to Youtube Premium. You need to know that there are many advantages that Youtube Premium offers, although there are also disadvantages. You also have to be wise in using this subscription service, also adjust it to your budget and daily life. Congratulations on being Premium!

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