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6 Criteria For Choosing The Right Cloud Migration Services Partner

by WilliamDM
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As the world adopts virtualization, migration to the cloud has become the latest buzzword. As a wide assortment of IT systems will be externalized, it is essential to compare and analyze the cloud solutions to ensure the long-term success of the business.

But, the market is full of competition. It is hard to beat the competitive market. The industry is filled with a plethora of service providers, which provide a bunch of solutions from the corporate giants, such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

It plays an integral role in the delivery of bespoke cloud solutions. Choosing the proper cloud service provider happens to be challenging. There are certain factors; you need to take into account while choosing the proper cloud migration service partner. In this article, we will tell you about the six criteria, which choose the proper cloud migration, service partner:

Do you have any experience with the prerequisite cloud platform?

If you have taken the cloud platforms into account, it is recommended to find the prerequisite cloud service partner, which is highly specialized to migrate the cloud for the specific platform. The best option to find such partners is to search the partner registries. If you have any interest in the Cloud Services of Microsoft, you should search for the partners within the cloud services provider directory. If you are looking forward to narrowing the cloud platform options, a perfect partner will be useful in choosing the proper one, catering to the business needs.

The partner needs to take the prerequisite initiative to support the internal teams across the cloud migration. As you adopt the best-in-class practices and structured frameworks, they will be capable of helping you. In the beginning, you need to assess the existing workload and applications.

Next to this, you need to rearchitect, rewrite and replace the apps, which cannot be lifted within the cloud. The next step involves selecting the proper cloud migration approach after which you should establish the KPIs and baselines. Then, you should track the cloud environment after migration, thereby assuring that it will work, catering to the needs.

Technical Expertise

To choose the proper cloud migration service provider, you should ensure that the technologies, standards, architecture, and platform of the cloud migration service provider is in line with the latest IT infrastructure, thereby suiting different management preferences. Cloud engineering services companies playing an important role in the in the cloud migration.

The migration-related project work happens to be complicated, since it is inclusive of the proof of concept workload and app assessment, network architecture, user management, monitoring, data management, data management, to name a few.

Evaluation of the required customization degree is essential; thereby assuring that the business workload will be apt for the platform for the service provider. Since the in-house teams are not the best experts within the cloud migration process, the technical staff of the service provider needs to take the prerequisite initiative during the cloud migration. The industry experts during the cloud migration are beneficial in adopting outstanding management strategies, which plays an integral role in taking the cloud migration to its next level.

Security and Flexibility

The end-to-end data protection needs to be non-negotiable. You need to ask about the software and the physical precautions. Before choosing the proper cloud service provider, you should search for the non-shared serves, segregated, and storage networks, which provide protection to the valuable data.

In case you will be bound by different regulatory regulations such as financial and HIPAA regulations, you should search for the service providers, which will comply with different needs, after which you need to accept different compliance-related risks. You should ensure that the service provider is making the availability of the encryption, thereby offering protection to the data both in motion and the rest. Such solutions work with data replication and higher-performance file transfer solutions.

Before selecting the proper cloud service provider, you should ensure that it is capable of providing a plethora of flexible solutions. Moreover, it is a prerequisite to gaining an understanding of the hybrid cloud.

Other than this, you should check for the capabilities to choose the proper machine for the kinds of jobs, and combine the virtual and physical machines, catering to the needs. In addition, you should look for the features and tools, such as resource management, auto-scaling, persistent disk storage. Other than this, it is recommended to look for a plethora of data storage options, such as object stores, key-value stores, relational databases, file systems, to name a few.

Consulting Capabilities

As the business will embark on the cloud journey, it needs assistance from the stage to get started. It requires planning and cloud strategy integration for supporting the business strategy. You need to remember that the cloud partner should offer assistance in either of the phases. In addition, you should make sure that the cloud service provider needs to adopt the prerequisite consultative approach with the cloud migration services that are tailored, according to the business cloud needs.

Industry-Specific Experience

The cloud service provider has the prerequisite experience in working on cloud projects for different businesses, which operate across various industries. Hence, you should ensure that the cloud service provider has the prerequisite experience to work on different cloud projects, which is pertained to the industry. Besides this, you should ask for testimonials, customer success stories, to name a few.


The most crucial selection criteria to find the cloud service provider are integrity checks, restoration, backup, data scheduling, data sources transparency, data criticality. The transparency about the delivery guidelines and expectations set happens to be the key to cloud investments. The businesses should consider buying extra risk insurance for the integration of the costs, which are related to data recovery.

The best-in-class cloud service provider happens to be the one, who has sufficient agility to customize, according to the peculiar business needs. It is essential to have a prerequisite plan. Hence, it is essential to integrate the plan with the clear crystal business goals and well-defined implementation milestones.

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