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6 Best Twitter Plugins And Widgets For WordPress

by jackroger

Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms to gather information. Now it is not only restricted to sharing tweets, images, reviews but also has managed to widen its sphere of influence in the marketing world. 

Many businesses see Twitter as a major marketing tool. With total active users of 206 million, Twitter has managed to gather the attention of marketers in enhancing their brand promotions. To do so, the best thing is to embed it.

 Since Twitter has large audience interaction, embedding the same on your website won’t just give you traffic and engagement but would increase the sales and ROI as well. Think no further in embedding it on your website.

 If you want to know about some of the best Twitter plugins and widgets for WordPress keep reading further.  

6 Amazing Twitter Plugins And Widgets For WordPress

Taggbox Widget 

Taggbox widget facilitates in collecting and curating the interactive Twitter tweets, images, reviews, everything into a feed. 

This feed which is collected from different hashtags, mentions, account handles, locations are then embedded into the website using Taggbox Widget. 

To use the Taggbox widget, you need no coding. Not only this, it gives you hassle-free integration and platform-specific design. 

Some additional features of this widget are as follows:-

  • Real-time updates
  • Responsive design 
  • Variety of customizations
  • Content moderations 
  • Widget analytics
  • Custom posts

Twitter Tweets Pro

An advanced Twitter plugin that facilitates showcasing Twitter feeds on the WordPress site. The best part is that it supports many Twitter accounts without any restriction. 

Its features include Twitter tweets widgets that help in displaying Twitter tweets on a sidebar. You can share feeds of multiple users using hashtags, search terms, or from their Twitter accounts. 

From allowing limiting down the number of tweets to be shown on the website and offering a load more button to get more tweets, this plugin does it all. 

And that’s not all! It offers some additional features as well. 

They are as follows:-

  • Style settings 
  • Google fonts
  • Share tweets on social media 
  • Update Twitter status 
  • Modify feed and tweet background-colour
  • Tweet actions (reply, retweet, etc)

 The best part is that it comes in free as well as with the premium version. 

Better Click To Tweet 

Do you wish to tweet your content just with a single click? If that’s the case, then this plugin is for you. This Twitter plugin helps you easily share your content. 

This plugin generates a shortcode that can be used to create tweetable content. It also helps you to highlight particular quotes.

Merits:- It’s a free plugin that gives you custom CSS offering you to alter the presentation of your quotes. 

Demerits:- It does not offer a variety of styling and layouts for your quotes in the content. 

To get a range of different styling and customization options, you need to switch to the premium version which is not for free.

Feed Them Social 

This easy to set up plugin helps in creating and displaying your social feed beautifully. It helps you in choosing how many tweets, posts, images, and videos you want to show on the custom feed of your website.

Its features include:-

  • Easy to install 
  • Simple set up 
  • You can add unlimited social feeds
  • Display social feeds on any page or sidebar 
  • Easy to generate shortcodes
  • Customizable font colours 
  • Quick and responsive social feeds 
  • Easy to add the like/follow button on the feed
  • Mobile friendly 
  • Structured support system 

Social Stream Designer 

Social Stream Designer plugin helps you in displaying your social feed with a variety of layouts and designs. You can add authentication details for your clients moreover you can create a stream from 40+ layouts and customization options. You can also add a shortcode at any place on the page of your website. 

Below are some of its features:-

  • Multiple social media networks to stream
  • Engage the users
  • Easy to install
  • Simple set up 
  • Availability of a variety of layouts 
  • Highly responsive 
  • Beautiful animations

It also offers a premium paid version giving many other features as well. Some of the features are as follows:-   

  • Offering more than 30 types of feeds
  • 4 fantastic card designs
  • Powerful lightbox 
  • Pre moderate posts 

Social Warfare  

If you also complain of using social sharing plugins that slow down your website and are not eye-catching, well, this plugin is for you then. 

It gives amazing sharing buttons irrespective of the size of your screen. Since colours magnify the design of the website, this plugin allows you to customize the same. Its uncomplicated structure is easy to use. 

With their share recovery feature, while changing your domain name, you will not have to worry about losing your social share counts. Most importantly, by using this plugin, you can control what people share and how they share it. 

Over To You!

So, these were super 6 twitter plugins and widgets for your WordPress site. Hope this article helped you in choosing the one as per your need. 

Go ahead and add your favourite plugin on the website and amplify the engagement and conversions.

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