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6 Best Custom Link Shortener websites

by Asfandkhan77

Website URLs should be straightforward and simple to remember. Just imagine what might have occurred if Facebook and Instagram’s URLs were longer. Given how difficult it is to remember lengthy URLs, we definitely don’t want that to occur. Even Google advises websites to use short URLs for increased search engine visibility.


Many individuals are looking online for strong and trustworthy URL shorteners after Google discontinued their URL shortening service. The top 6 best custom link shortener websites, which enable you to shorten URLs efficiently and make them easier to manage and remember, will be discussed in this post.


  1. T2M URL Shortener
  2. Tiny URL
  3. Polr
  4. Cuttly
  5. Free-URL-Shortener
  6. GoLinks

The first URL shortener on our list is T2M URL Shortener, which makes finishing your URL shortening work really simple.


This brand-new capability of a shortened URL and QR code is offered by the T2M URL Shortener. Users are in control of choosing where and how their shortened URLs will be accessible. By choosing one of T2M URL Shortener subscription plans, you may build a more sophisticated version of a shortened URL, such as one that adds a password for additional security. 


Additionally, a variety of URL choices are offered with the website’s premium capabilities. It’s a fantastic solution for companies who wish to quickly shorten URLs.

  • Tiny URL

The second tool on this list, TinyURL, is one of the finest for shortening URLs. It allows consumers the option to trim the final few characters of the produced link, enabling them to maintain brand consistency. It comes with a browser extension that is compatible with a variety of well-liked web browsers, including Google Chrome. \

As a result, you can use the tool quickly to shorten URLs and then attach them to messages or emails without having to visit the TinyURL official website. This application, which may greatly simplify the URL shortening procedure, is completely free. 


You can shorten your URL and make it shorter than the original in just three simple steps. The links that TinyURL shortens won’t expire, which is crucial. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about broken links whenever you send emails that have abbreviated URLs.

  • Polr

We have Polr, an open-source URL shortener, at number three. You may obtain this utility by going to Polr’s official website or by visiting its GitHub repository. The utility is available for use in its current state, and if you wish to modify it, you are welcome to download and modify its source code. 

The project’s primary database is MySQL, and the code for it is written in PHP. Users may operate with a slicker user interface and a more simplistic dashboard on Polr. Users may mark their links anyway they like thanks to the self-hosting option, which allows them to know the smallest information about them. Last but not least, you may visit Polr’s demo website to see how it functions.

  • Cuttly

Cuttly is the way to go if you’re seeking an extra layer of notification personalisation where you can tailor the notifications you receive for your URL clicks. Despite the fact that you can easily access all of its functions via the Chrome extension, it prominently promotes its Android and iOS applications. 

One of the distinguishing features of Cuttly as a URL shortener is that it notifies users via push notifications on their mobile devices whenever a link is clicked. However, users may also choose to get notifications every hour. You may monitor the geographic and demographic characteristics of the audience that clicks on your link, just like with other URL shortener applications. 


You may use Cuttly’s free plan to test out their offerings and see whether they meet your needs. You will get access to an infinite number of links and clicks with the free plan. If the tool appeals to you and you want to use its premium features, you may choose from one of Cuttly’s subscription plans, which start at just $10 per month. Users can have their own personalized domain in the URL links with the premium plans.

  • Free-URL-Shortener

Free-URL-Shortener essentially functions as a contextual trigger-based smart redirect URL system. The URLs are able to discern if a user is attempting to open the link from a PC or a mobile device. 

The URL will take the user to that specific page based on the device they are using. In order to assist consumers in determining which landing page would result in the highest conversion rate, the application also offers an A/B testing capability.


Free-URL-Shortener further provides a target-based strategy for the unique list of people who clicked on your link. The tool may provide you with a variety of settings for both the website loading speed and the information you require regarding clicks on your url. You may use Free-URL-Shortener to help you go from poor conversion rates to high conversion rates.

  • GoLinks

GoLinks makes it simpler to convert lengthy, poorly optimized URLs into brief ones. Additionally, Golinks offers a variety of alternatives for shortening links, allowing you to select the one that best meets your needs. Direct sharing of GoLinks-generated links is possible through emails and social media posts. 

Using team link shorteners, GoLinks enables businesses to securely access and share the data and resources located within the organization. It suggests that you should utilize a direct link to a website or page that you frequently visit. similar to go/github, your company’s Github repository, which contains all of the programs. Users of Golinks don’t need to worry about losing track of their bookmarks since they can simply personalize the short links that Golinks generates by adding keywords. 


Anything that makes sense to users and helps them remember the URL might serve as these keywords. Therefore, they never again waste time seeking. There aren’t many features or tools that you can use with a URL shortener, so the corporate cost is a little aggressive. However, if you utilize the basic version, it’s totally free. Then, without a question, it’s a fantastic product.

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