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5 ways Home automation can improve of life for elderly

by sophiataylor
Home automation

Home automation has been a revolution. With the endless possibilities it offers, the rate at which it is being adapted in homes is increasing by the day. It offers more than convenience and control – it offers security, energy efficiency and peace of mind. Increasingly, as lives and lifestyles change, and homes & families shrink, home automation has donned the role of a caregiver, monitoring expert and mechanism to send alerts in times of need.

More often than not, Indian households have ruptured relationships when elders come over to stay. Because they need “looking after” or care. The alternative weighs even heavier on the moral fabric – moving to assisted living spaces or old age homes. Technology now offers the option to the elderly to stay in the comfort of their homes, in spaces they like, rather than moving in with close family in the name of responsibility, opines a company offering home security system technology company in Hyderabad.

So how can technology offer an alternative to the elderly and people who need some level of physical care? Here are five ways how

Lighting controls:

Getting up, moving around to turn on that light to offer better visibility for reading the newspaper may seem a chore in itself. Or turning off that fan when you feel a sudden cold wave wash over you.

Portable wireless switches are a great alternative here. They can be carrier around, or placed beside the reading corner or bed. It also offers the flexibility of using regular switches whenever required. Which is great for the elderly who may not be digital natives. More importantly, motion sensors for lighting means when they wake up mid-sleep in the night for a visit to the bathroom, they do not have to fumble with switches. What more, you can monitor and view their activity and notice for any abnormalities from anywhere across the world.

Temperature controls:

With age humans tend to feel cold or hot in extremes. And when getting up and switching on the fan, air conditioner needs continuous adjustment, it may feel overwhelming. Temperature control systems can help regulate temperature remotely or up the heating in those harsh winters. You can also understand weather conditions of that place and regulate temperature for your loved one remotely.


Smart kitchens are a new entrant, but they are arriving in style. While the good old electric  cooker has been in our homes for quite some time, smart cookers and 8ketles that function as IoT devices and respond to commands given through say the phone or a voice controlled device is the next step. Microwave, OTGs that can help cook food if you set it and leave for work, so that it is ready and served hot for their lunch seems like a great idea! Or imagine. The refrigerator in their home sending an alert of a low supply so you can order it to be delivered.

Security systems:

Right from video door bells that tell elders who is at the door, to unlocking doors with a tap of their finger, or a nanny camera to give them a feeling that there is someone they can reach out to in case of an emergency, security systems and advances in them are many. If there is a situation that needs attention, relatives, family listed on emergency contacts, and local authorities are automatically alerted.

A intruder alarm can be set up automatically when they move out and be disarmed when they get back home. Also add on like alarms for water leakages, or warning in case of smoke or fire is an aspect of security that is extremely helpful, especially in case of the elderly. Maybe they will know when they leave something on the stove.

Water and electricity:

While lights will be taken care of in lighting solutions. One common issue that elders face when they are alone is switching the motor on and forgetting to turn it off, watering plants as most of them have gardens and plants to tend to. Any other hobbies they take up. Tech comes to the rescue here to. Sensor based plant watering, gardening systems ensure water is not left running, and the plants are watered on a set schedule. It also alerts with reminders when they want to do something specific – like trimming or weeding.

There are many more ways in which we can leverage technology for elder care. For specific or customized solutions, reach out to Hometek, a leading Home automation company in Hyderabad. We provide automation, audio and video solutions to homes, offices, and public spaces.

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